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Titus 2:6 NLT “In the same way, encourage the young...

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Working with my “Spiritual Friendvisor” has been a great experience. Throughout our sessions we touched on my spirituality/relationship with God not being as strong as it once was as of recent years, and what could help strengthen it. Also, I was open to trying a few different techniques to help me reach new heights in my career. Setting SMART goals, along with other exercises and assessments to assist in other areas I have been struggling with in life, has been very impactful in a short period. Brandi is extremely down to earth and easy to communicate with. I plan on continuing these sessions with Brandi to help with my spiritual growth.


I was a bit of a hot mess when I first met Brandi. I had so many career-related tasks on the go, a hectic family schedule, little time to myself ... and yet also a burning desire to rely more deeply on God in my life. Well, Brandi was the answer I had prayed for. Working with her gave me the ability to choose my schedule, prioritize what mattered to me in my life, and accomplish great strides in my career path. At the same time, I was truly able to work on deepening my connection to God and a committing to a daily spiritual practice. This girl has amazing empathy and really heard me throughout all our sessions together. Thank you, Brandi!!


Brandi’s Spiritual Coaching was literally an answered prayer. I really needed a spiritual friend to help me stay the course. If looked up Church Girl, that would be me, but after the passing of my Grandmother in January of 2020 the simple things became difficult. I was indeed nervous about Spiritual Coaching but as I stated Brandi was literally an answered prayer.  Prior to our coaching session my connection with God was not where it was prior to dealing with grief.  As I worked with Brandi, we did not only accomplish my spiritual goals such as reading & praying more but I was able to work on personal goals.  Brandi in every session showed me where God’s hands were at work in my life.  Brandi was the Angel on the Bridge that as I was getting ready to go backwards; she pushed me forward. Thank you, Brandi, for the seeds you have planted. Thank you for being there on this bridge called Life. I was able to refill my spiritual tank when it was indeed nearly empty.  Thank you is inadequate! May God continue to grow, stretch and lead you as you continue to walk in his purpose for your life.


Brandi has been my Spiritual Friendvisor for almost a year now and has helped me beyond words. Prior to meeting Brandi, I have been feeling down, lost, worried and not close enough to God. My faith was being tested and I had a defeating attitude. Speaking with Brandi these past months, and reading her books (Real Talk A Conversation From My Heart To Yours and My Way or God’s Will? The Choice Is Yours) I was able to see the power of prayer. She gave me tools on how to be more positive, pray better and have more faith. I am so thankful for her and what she has helped me through. I can honestly say I feel like a weight has been lifted off my shoulders and my heart is lighter. I have even taken one of her awesome ideas, like the prayer jar, and made it an activity for me and my daughter. I am on this new spiritual journey and I may not be where I want to be, but with Brandi’s helpful tools and guidance I KNOW I am on the right path to where I want to be.




A devotional website where I write weekly devotionals inspired by personal conversations I have with friends, family, or people who God sent my way to encourage, give advice, or give hope to the reader. The general public will receive insight, revelations, and godly wisdom through my writings.


Weekly Thursday night show hosted on Pray the Impossible’s Instagram page. I impart information on ways to grow spiritually. I drop gems from my heart that will aid in self-reflection, change in perspective, and encouraging words relating to self-help.


In-person events located at different venues where I bestow advice, words of encouragement, and inspiration. These quarterly events provide an opportunity to network and to ask Spiritual Friendvisor questions that will help on your spiritual journey.


A podcast where I share words of wisdom based on a topic to encourage, inspire, and uplift the listener. I later highlight a featured guest in the Pray the Impossible segment where I allow them to share their story to encourage someone.


This is an opportunity to be coached one on one or in a group session by Spiritual Friendvisor. You will be coached on life and spiritual issues where I use techniques and skills, I learned from the Life Purpose Institute along with experiences and godly wisdom. My goal is to help you overcome blocks, fears, and obstacles that have hindered you from the life you want to live.


I started my journey as a Spiritual Friendvisor by providing spiritually based counsel to friends and family.  I am eager to provide similar services to you and your network.  Use the below link to submit your inquiry.