Psalms 105:45 NLT “All this happened so they would follow his decrees and obey his instructions. Praise the Lord”

Is there something that you are supposed to do, but haven’t acted on it yet? What if your obedience is tied to someone else’s blessing? The longer you wait to be obedient could delay the timing of God’s promises. God wants you to know that your obedience is necessary in His overall plan.

“Thank you God, it was never about me”, were words that entered my mind in prayer. The revelation were words I wrote in Conversation 30 God’s Plan from Real Talk A Conversation From My Heart To Yours. I was thinking about someone I knew who reached out to me in regards to obtaining information about who edited and formatted my book. She’s currently in the process of publishing her own book, but is in need of some assistance. I recalled the conversation her and I had when she reached back out to me. She said: “Hi thanks again! I’m so glad I reached out and asked you. Toni is the ish! She also is willing to teach me a few things for my company! I love black queens who are willing to uplift and teach each other!!”. When I originally wrote “it was never about me”, I wrote it based on the thought of helping people tap into their brokenness, pain, and hurt they were dealing with. The Holy Spirit elevated my thoughts to another meaning. I started to remember all the things that happened because of my obedience.

During my publishing journey, my publisher envisioned herself publishing children’s books only until God sent me her way. My obedience opened many doors for her. A friend from high school reached out to her because of our Instagram live interview promoting my book. Within months BFF Publishing House published her book titled Freedom Prayers Pieces of My Testimony and Breakthrough Prayers. Another person who I went to high school, but her and I were not friends, reached out to my publisher for marketing needs for her book. She was led to her based off what she seen other people post about my book on social media. To sit back and think about how my obedience impacted the women I know, and not to mention the other authors my publisher worked with because of my obedience, was a part of God’s plan. The words I wrote “He needed to use me to reach people outside of my close circle (excerpt from Conversation 30 God’s Plan) came to pass. The people my obedience were linked to are not in my close circle, and my obedience was necessary for what God had planned for them. Who knows what blessings are instore for the people who are connected to my obedience.

The call and purpose on your life is not about you. It’s necessary that you take the steps and listen to what He’s instructed you to do. Your obedience yields blessings, rewards, and open doors to the next level. Your obedience is necessary, because it aids in the fulfilment of God’s plans for other people.