Proverbs 18:16 NKJV “A Man’s gift makes room for him, and brings him before great men”

God has given us all gifts according to our capacity that is designed to give Him the glory. He provides us with unique gifts that we will be able to use to support someone with what they are lacking. God also gives us gifts that open doors, make room for us, and connect us with great people who can help us prosper.

At the beginning of August, things started to slow down with book sales and vending opportunities. I perceived this as a moment where God wanted me to rest since I had been booked and busy this past year. It wasn’t until I received a text message from my Sorority stating: “Would you like to help me with my event, as well as, having a couple of copies of your book on hand to sell?”. Of course, I said yes, because when a sister is in need you lend a helping hand. I replied:” Sure! Just let me know what you need help with. Thank you for always thinking about me. I just prayed for new opportunities”. She responded: “God is awesome! I will have the check-in table facing the steps where everyone will enter. I will need you to greet them and you can have your books displayed”.

On the day of the event, my Sorority sister and her cousin were sitting at the welcome table when I entered. After catching up and receiving my instructions, I asked where I should set up. My soror said: “You can set up right here! There’s room for you to display your books. After you sign the guests in you can let them know about your book”. I was excited and grateful that she made sure there was room for my book display. My book, which is my gift, presented itself in front of great people which made room for a few opportunities. Not only did I sell several copies, but I also connected with 4 people who recognized my gift as a possibility for us to work together at a later date. I marveled at the conversations I held with these prestigious people who saw my God-given gift.

When God gives you a gift He will always make room for you. Your gift is a blessing to other people for God’s glory. God will present your gift in front of great people who can present opportunities for you to foster your gift. God gives us different gifts so that we can work together to experience God’s goodness.