Jeremiah 31: 2 NLT “This is what the Lord says ‘Those who survive the coming destruction will find blessings even in the barren land, for I will give rest to the people of Israel”

If I could sum up 2019 in one phrase I would say “You tried it”. 2019 was a hard year for a lot of people. We experienced the loss of loved ones, layoffs from jobs, broken relationships, and sickness just to name a few. If you are reading this then you survived spiritual attacks, the plot, and scheme of the enemy, trials, hardships, obstacles, or moments of defeat that tried to take you out this year. God used these situations to draw you closer to Him so that you could have a testimony to share with others on how you survived.

This year, you may have been praying and believing God to answer some prayers, change some situations in your life, or was even expecting things to turn around in your favor, BUT 2019 tried you in more ways than you could imagine or was ready for. Everything that came against you, tested your faith, your trust in God, your confidence in God’s word you survived. Whether it was barely or you were hanging on by a thread you made it to December 31, 2019. There are people who did not survive to see today, and although things may have looked barren in your life or you may have wanted to give up, God allowed you to survive and that is the greatest blessing.

What did you survive that tried to take you out? What blessings were you able to recognize despite your barren land? What destruction did you survive that God had to rebuild and replant for you to see His hand at work? Through it all we survived the disappointments from unanswered prayers, we survived the anger we might have had towards God, we survived the bitterness of life not panning out the way we planned, we survived our negative thoughts, we survived being let down from people we put expectations on, we survived the financial hardships, and most importantly we survived 2019.

Remember, it was God who orchestrated and allowed you to survive these events for it to work for your good. God was laying the foundation for His work to manifest in your life. 2019 was the preparation period you needed to become the person who is ready for all God has in store for you. He was elevating and expanding you for your next level in Him and your spiritual journey in the new decade. In the end, 2019 TRIED IT, but we won and have the victory because we SURVIVED!!!!

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