Happy New Year!! Congratulations you made it to 2019. I know for a lot of people 2018 was filled with pain, heartache, loss, disappointment, confusion, growth, trials and tribulations. Even though 2018 hurt it all worked for your good because you were able to find God, draw closer to Him, or experience Him on a new level. I know many of us are just thankful that we made it to the end of 2018 despite what we endured. But how many people were still expecting God to manifest your heart desire or to answer 1 more prayer by 12/31/18? Did the clock strike 12am and now it’s a new year and you did not receive your 11:59pm answered prayer? The reason why God didn’t answer your prayers by New Year’s Eve is because everything 2018 threw your way had to prepare you for your soon to be answered prayers. Remember 2018 was the preparation year for God to build and stretch your faith. God made you into the person who is now ready to receive the answered prayers. Guess what? Because you made it to 2019, this will be the year that you receive it all! Even though it took 12 months of preparation, imagine receiving ALL your answered prayers plus more because you were obedient to God’s will.

Believe it or not, but you made it to 2019 to continue to believe and use your new faith from 2018 to receive the blessings attached to your name . You made it to 2019 to use the skills, wisdom, knowledge, and understanding you gained 12 months ago  this year. You made it to 2019 because God rewards those who sought Him diligently in 2018 . You made it to 2019 because God still has a plan for your life. You made it to 2019 because you are healed and were made whole in 2018. You made it to 2019 because God can now trust you with what He always had planned for you. You made it to 2019 because you have found your purpose or you’re getting ready to walk in your purpose this year. You made it to 2019 because 2018 was the test and you passed. You made it to 2019 because God has more instore for you this year than ever before. I pray your 2019 is filled with miracles, peace, joy, love, abundance, good health, a new mind, new heart, and a new spirit because you made it!