Psalms 149:4 NLT “For the Lord delights in his people; he crowns the humble with victory”

Have you ever entered into a contest with no time to prepare and won first place? Or maybe it was your first time playing a sport and you became the MVP player? Can you recall a time where you had no experience in a subject, industry, or trade and because of your humbleness God crowned you with victory?

Not too long ago one of my bestfriends and I were having a conversation about how she had been struggling for quite some time with finding her purpose. Being a fulltime mom takes precedent in her life and she was trying to figure out who she is now as an individual. During the conversation it hit me! I said “Remember how God used baby girl for you to create your own pageantry company? Your passion for wanting to build the confidence of young girls, God is using baby girl again. He’s using what she is currently going through for you to help build the confidence in other young girls who can relate to what she’s experiencing. She’s your purpose!!!!”.

Recently her daughter asked her to participate in a mommy-daughter duo pageant. My friend had never experienced being in a pageant and her daughter’s passion and love for being in pageants was the only experience she had for herself. She never thought that she would have the courage to be in a pageant, but it was something she knew she had to do. What she did want was to show her daughter and the other little girls that she mentors is how to live in confidence; and the importance of not letting anything stop you from accomplishing your goals. Within the same week the ideal opportunity presented itself and she was able to sign them up for the pageant. The next steps for my friend were to answer 6 questions before completing the registration process.

One question in particular she honored God in such a profound way. The question was “Where is your favorite place to go?”. Her response was “My favorite place to go is church. I have found that this is the only place in the world that I can go, and no matter what is going on in my life, I instantly feel uplifted and hopeful that any situation can be turned around”. Leading up to and the day of the pageant she and her daughter prayed. During the interview segment she continued to glorify God in her responses. The lord delighted in her, and because she was humble He crowned her with victory. My friend and her daughter both won their divisions. They were the only mother – daughter duo to win the titles. God showed her favor in an area where she had no time to prepare or have personal experience in!!!!!!!

No matter what the situation is or lack of experience, when you have purpose and glorify God He will show you unusual favor. God will open doors of opportunity and will equip you with the tools you need to accomplish the work He began in you. He will crown you with victory because He delights in His people. When you glorify God you are working the crown that He has placed on your head.