Proverbs 2:2 NLT “Tune your ears to wisdom and concentrate on understanding”

Have you ever had a conversation with someone and the words they spoke sparked an idea within you? Or perhaps the words were so prolific it was what you needed to hone in on a project you’ve been working on? It’s important to fine-tune your ears during a conversation because the words of wisdom you receive may be exactly what you need.

During the holiday season, I attended a childhood friend’s holiday party. During the event, I was engaged in a conversation with someone who grew up a couple of blocks away from me. He began to congratulate me on the success of my book and started to inquire about my process. After I finished sharing with him about my process, he later shared with me that he is also writing a book. I congratulated him and welcomed him to the authors club. Now it was my turn to inquire about the status of his writing process. He informed me that his book is about life experiences and I was extremely impressed. It was intriguing that a man in my generation had the desire to write about this topic.

As the conversation continued, he seemed unsure about the direction of the book. Out of nowhere, I said “Why don’t you speak to your younger self. Speak to the person you were at 18, 21, and 25 years old. Since this book is about life experiences, advise yourself about the mistakes you made and how you were able to become successful. Some young men experienced similar situations as you did at that age”. He looked at me as if a lightbulb went off. He said, “Wow! I think you’re on to something”, and continued to go into deep thought. I was pleased that God used me to speak prolific words that led to an idea to help him complete the direction of his book. Later that night he said, “Thanks for the words of wisdom tonight, truly appreciated”.

At the right time, God will send someone to speak words of wisdom into your life. It could be at a time where there is a missing piece from an idea or project and the words of wisdom might give you a new understanding of how to complete it. Fine-tune your ears, you never know when words of wisdom will fall into your hearing.

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  1. “At the right time, God will send someone to speak words of wisdom into your life”
    Brandi, that person is you. He is using you and your instrument to speak life into the people you encounter.
    Keep it up!!!

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