When a tragedy occurs in your life do you have a community of believers to reach out to? When you are believing God for a miracle and need someone to touch and agree who is in your community?

I woke up early Saturday morning and received a text message from my friend at 1:35am asking me to pray for someone who was not doing too well. Immediately I prayed and responded to the text message to let her know her prayer requests were sent. As she started to give me more details about the situation it sounded similar to a text message I received on Friday from another friend. I texted the other friend to let her know that the devil is out here working because our mutual friend sent me a text about someone who also was admitted to the hospital. Come to find out it was the same person!! Minutes later she called me and told me to call our mutual friend on three way to pray for them.

As I prayed and interceded for my two friends, the person who fell ill and her family members I believed that God would perform a miracle. Although God did perform a miracle about two hours after my prayer, He ultimately had other plans for the person we came together to pray for. Even though God’s plans were different then what we were hoping and praying for, God is still mighty, majesty, and sits on the throne. Sometimes God allows tragic situations to bring people and their faith together. He joins people to form a community of believers. God wants a community of people who will pray, believe, exercise their faith no matter what His final say is.

When life happens and situations arise that we didn’t expect, who do you turn to for prayer? Its important to surround yourself with a community of believers who can pray with you. You need a community of believers who will intercede on your behalf or your family’s behalf. When 2 or 3 are gathered God is in the midst of the community and will work wonders. Examine the people in your life. Are they in your community of believers or are they down the block?

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  1. Amen, our prayers are powerful and effective.
    We should always pray for one another. Thank you for the reminder.

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