Numbers 10:5 NLT “When you sound the signal to move on, the tribes camped on the east side of the tabernacle must break camp and move forward”

Was there ever a time when something compelled you to move? Did an idea pop in your mind that drove you to start planning? Or perhaps a moment of inspiration pushed you out of your comfort zone to do what you’ve been procrastinating? When these compulsive desires come upon you that is God urging you to move. When God moves on your behalf you have to move with Him, or you’ll miss the window of opportunity that He opened for you.

A few weeks ago, my mom sent me a picture from the journal of when I was a Debutante in a Cotillion. I thought to myself “I’m going to post this on Instagram for Throwback Thursday”. Fast forward to last week, my good friend and I had a meeting to discuss upcoming ideas for Pray the Impossible. He told me that I needed to add a third component to my brand. He said: “Yo fam, you need to do audio. Whether its a podcast or a vlog, you need to do it”. I responded: “I don’t want to do a podcast, but I do like the idea we spoke about last year of the YouTube Show”. He replied: “Ok let’s get it! When do you plan on starting the show?”. I replied: “Fine! I’ll start the episode next week. You know I’ve never been the one to post videos of myself talking on Instagram. I’ll do an IG live every Thursday and then I’ll post it on YouTube”. He replied: “See fam that’s what I’m talking about!”. As I rolled my eyes at my friend, I knew God had strategically set up that meeting. I recognized it was time for me to move and put action into the idea that was presented to me a year ago. Two days later, my friend sent me revamped black and white photos from my photoshoot that I had never seen. Immediately, something came over me and I remembered the picture that my mom sent me.

I experienced a moment of inspiration as I zoomed in on the picture. I noticed the caption that read “Ambition: To work in the field of Telecommunications”. God quickly reminded me of what I said in 2002 during my TV Productions class. Next thing I know, I was posting the TBT picture along with the 2 pictures my friend sent me. I posted: “TBT in 2002 my Senior Year in High School, while I was in my TV Productions class I said ‘I’m going to host 106 & Park (a music video count down show that aired on BET)’. I always had a passion for communications which is why I obtained my BA in Mass Communications at the greatest VSU! 17 years later, I learned how to pray the impossible. With a strong push from my friend, as he pretty much told me about myself, I’m here to announce starting next Thursday Heart to Heart Thursday’s with B. I’m going to host my show where I feature special guests, interact with viewers, discuss different topics, and of course drop some gems along the way. Please make sure you follow Pray the Impossible! That’s where the show will be featured on my IG live! More details to follow”. What did I just do? Did God just move me off of impulse?. I knew there was no turning back. My question to God was, “So what am I going to talk about?”. Because I moved, God moved on my behalf. He gave me everything I needed for my topics of discussion on the way home from work.

When God moves you have to move. When His divine time is set and everything is in alignment, you ought to walk through the door of opportunity. He will provide everything you need to be successful in what He’s called you to do. Although it’s scary, move anyway! You will be surprised at what He shares with you when you take the next steps and move.