2 Corinthians 5:7 NKJV “For we walk by faith, not by sight”

Have you ever said something and later a situation arisen where you had to decide if you’re going to walk it like you talk it? Are you going to walk by faith and believe the words you spoke? or are you going to succumb to the situation and walk by sight?

One morning I posted a clip from Heart to Heart video on Pray the Impossible to encourage my followers during this pandemic. I shared the following, “When you speak life it’s believing. Speaking life is saying I believe God. Speaking life is saying God is going to answer my prayers. God is still great. God is still good. When you speak death that is speaking words of disbelief. That’s saying, Oh I think that the rest of the year is going to be horrible. I think that now we’re not going to have a summer. We’re going to be in the house all summer. Oh my gosh, they may lay us off. Anything negative is speaking death. So you have to speak life over yourself. Every morning speak words of affirmation. I am blessed. I am favored. I believe in God. I am strong. I am healthy. I am wealthy. I’m at peace. I have joy. I’m rejoicing. That’s speaking over your life. That’s saying whatever you are believing God to do He’s still going to do it. I still have 2020 vision. God is still going to bless me. God is still going to show up and show out. That’s speaking life over yourself”.

Not too long after this post, Immediately I thought, “I’ve been laid off before” and then dismissed the memory. A few hours later, my work colleagues and I were informed that we were going to be furloughed on a company update conference call. Instantly, I remembered the memory I had just dismissed in response to the news I received. I recollected, “Now here I am 10 years later, I’m experiencing the same thing, only this time around it’s a temporary layoff. Am I going to walk it like I talk it?”. I reached out to my good friend to share with him we were furloughed. I sent him the video I posted and said, “God is still good. What’s ironic is that I posted this video this morning”. He replied, “This is not ironic it’s prophetic! Only God could have downloaded this in your spirit”. I replied, “I think this is God testing me to see if I will still encourage people despite just being furloughed and I will. I have to help people who can’t see”. He replied, “I have to give you props. 4 years ago I don’t know how you would have handled this. Today your growth and maturity in God are needed! You had to grow for others and quickly. Many will only get through by your testimony. The enemy wants to test how you are built, but God is saying if you build it He will bless it. Thank you for growing and showing. It’s helping all of us”.

When you talk by faith you have to put some walk behind it. You can’t fold under pressure after speaking words of faith when a situation or circumstance comes against you. Sometimes God wants to know are you talking the talk? or are your going to stand firm in your faith and walk it like you talk it.