Do you know your purpose? Are you struggling with the questions “Why am I here?” or ‘What’s my purpose?”. If so, you are not alone. There are a lot of people in this world who are still searching to figure out their true purpose. God has created all of us for a reason and with a purpose. Even though some may have figured out their purpose early in life, it doesn’t mean that it’s too late for you to find yours.

Two weeks ago I had an AHA moment that sealed the deal on my purpose. I was recording an episode with my high school friend and his girlfriend on their new podcast We Need More. As we were engaging in conversation, she asked me if I’m using my B.A  in Mass Communications or my MS in Integrated Marketing Communications degrees with my fulltime job. I informed her that I’m using the degrees more so with my book and my brand that I’m building. Answering that question led me to share with them what my career goals were in high school and college. In high school I wanted to host 106 and Park (A former music video countdown TV show). When I was a senior at VSU, I later wanted to become a news reporter based off my internship at a TV station in Richmond, VA. In that moment, I said “WOW, it makes so much sense now when my Pastor said last year that the Lord said to her ‘Let Brandi speak’ “.

I never had an AHA experience with people in front of me. As I gathered my emotions, I explained that everything I said I wanted to do from high school to college revolved around speaking. Whether I would have pursued being a TV host or a news reporter, I was going to speak because it was a desire that was planted in my heart because God’s purpose for my life is to speak. After my first official speaking engagement at a Wellness and Lifestyle Brunch event, God revealed more to me about my purpose. I remembered after I graduated from college, my career goals shifted to wanting to become an event planner because I have a love for events and planning them. God showed me that I’m now walking in my purpose because He tied my degrees I obtained in communications, with my love for events, and my passion for encouraging people together. My purpose on this earth is to encourage people whether speaking at events, sharing testimonies at church, or having one on one conversations with people.

Maybe your story is similar to mine, and you can recall a time in your life where you had a desire to pursue a career or had a passion for something that was planted in your heart and you recognized that God had planted it years ago. Over the course of your life you realize that everything you wanted to do is connected and intertwined with your true purpose. Maybe as a child you used to pretend that you were a school teacher and always had a passion to help the youth. Now as an adult you are teaching children and making an impact in their life. Or perhaps your child helped you to figure out your purpose because of the extracurricular that she’s involved in and now you found a lane to create your own organization. It’s never too late to figure out your purpose and to begin walking in it. If you are still unsure, spend time with God and ask Him what your purpose is. Once He reveals it to you, start walking in your purpose.