How far has your faith taken you? Has your faith manifested that very thing that you have been hoping for? Has your faith soared to new heights in what you cannot see?

Over the past year I was able to witness the journey of my dear friend on how she has come this far by faith. For 18 months, she had been caring for her ill father who was in and out of the hospital up until he took his last breath (may he R.I.P). She devoted herself, her time, and energy on the days she lacked to be there for her father. She had no time for herself, let a lone time to date. Over a year ago, her and I were having a conversation about dating. She had dated a couple of guys and needless to say they were not the one for her. While I was doing her hair I told her, “God is sending your man when you least expect it. He’s coming!!”. She received the word that I gave her and believed by faith that he was coming. I truly believed that God was sending her man because  I witnessed the sacrifices she made, the passion she had while doing the work of God, and giving up her desires to be there for her father. After our conversation she joined a 5 day pray for your future spouse challenge. On 8/31/17, the day after the challenge she met a man. They began dating and months later they made it official.

I’ve watched their God-ordained relationship blossom right before my eyes. The way her faith was set up she knew that God didn’t bring her this far to not manifest what she felt in her heart. The beginning of 2018 she said to me “I’m getting married on New Years Eve”. I replied “New Years Eve of 2018? She said “Yes” and I responded “Okayyyyy girl you better speak it into existence LOL”.  At this point in their relationship they had not discussed marriage or even a wedding date, but she came this far by faith. The faith that she possessed was uncanny. A year later on 8/31/18, the same man that she believed was coming and who she prayed for proposed to her. This man of God proposed to her on the same day they met, at the same location where they had their first date, and at the same table where they sat at. Her faith brought her this far in just one year. She came this far by faith, that on New Years Eve 2018 she will be marrying the man that God sent to her last year!! Won’t He do it.

I witnessed her give her life to the Lord, walk in obedience with what she felt the Lord was leading her to do, and having the faith to believe what God placed in her heart. No matter what people may have said or if they didn’t believe her she believed God!! She knew in her heart that God was going to do it because she already claimed that she was getting married on New Years Eve. She came this far by faith!! Whatever you are praying for you have come this far by faith. Do not allow anyone’s opinion to discourage or question what you feel in your heart. Keep believing and allowing God to stretch your faith. You did not come this far in your faith for God to not bring it to pass. If what you have faith for is aligned with God’s will and plan for your life, He will turn what you hope for into a reality that you can see. You have come this far by faith.