Proverbs 17:24 NLT “Sensible people keep their eyes glued on wisdom”

Are you mindful of the things you say and do? Are you aware that people are watching you? Did you know that how you carry yourself is impacting those who are watching you? Whether you believe it or not the way you live your life is inspiring someone whose eyes are watching you.

One evening a friend texted me the following, “Today Skylar created a book for school on the computer. She asked me how can she print it out and have a book like Auntie Brandi. She said when she prints out her book she wants to put a picture of herself on the back of the book like Auntie Brandi. Thank you for inspiring my daughter”. All I could do was get emotional!! I didn’t even know that I had inspired her daughter. I texted my friend back saying, “OMG I’m about to cry. Skyyyllliiiiee you made Aunite Brandi’s day”. My friend responded, “I was like how do you know Brandi has a book? She said I saw it at Auntie T’s house. The thing is kids be looking and listening. I’ve never mentioned your book to her and mine is in my closet”. I replied, “WOW!! That just blessed me for real. Like you never know who is watching and paying attention. There are people who you least expect who will have their eyes on you for you to impact their lives”.

It’s important to live a life that’s making an impact. Whether it be a child or a senior, God can use you to make a difference in anyone’s life. Sensible people keep their eyes on people with wisdom, influence, inspiration, and knowledge. How are you living? Are you living a life that’s inspiring the future generation? Are you being mindful that your life is inspiring people to do great things?