Psalms 90:17 NKJV “And let the beauty of the Lord our God be upon us, and establish the work of ours for us, yes, establish the work of your hands”

Happy 2nd birthday to Pray the Impossible. I never imagined that God would expand and grow you in the vast ways He did. Honestly speaking, when I launched on June 5, 2018, my idea was for you to be a devotional website to promote my first book Real Talk A Conversation From My Heart To Yours A 30 Day Devotional. Who knew in the 1st year I’d publish my first book, write weekly devotionals, post words of the day on Instagram to encourage others, and be a vendor at many events. “This is just the beginning and God has MORE IN STORE so stay tuned”, were words I posted celebrating your first year of success. To my surprise, God was establishing the work of my hands to do MORE!

I sit in awe celebrating year 2 of my legacy and bask over what I was able to accomplish by partnering with God. Presumably, it was time to level up, expand my territory, and step out of my comfort zone. There was a visual audience I needed to reach and doing something I’ve never done before was the strategy. God blessed me with the ability to host an Instagram live show, Heart to Heart, where I drop gems from my heart. Next, it was time to write and publish my second book My Way or God’s Will? The Choice is Yours. This book God tasked me with the assignment of opening up and revealing my vulnerability on my journey to be an example of how to surrender your ways for God’s will. From my obedience God made a way for me to become a best seller the first week it released!! Then, He blessed me with the idea to host in-person events called Books, Bubbly, and Blessed by Brandi to connect and drop gems from my heart with my supporters . Just when I thought God had done enough, He was not finished. Last but certainly not least, there was still another audience that I needed to reach. God blessed me with Blessed by Brandi, a podcast for my audio audience. This platform derived from Heart to Heart. When I wrote, “God has MORE IN STORE”, He had given me the prophetic insight a year before. With a grateful heart, I rejoice because God was right.

Thank you to those who have been on this journey from the beginning, those who joined along the way, and to my new supporters. Pray the Impossible continues to thrive because you all push me to keep going, suggest ideas that you would like to see from me, and support me. Whether it’s reading my devotionals, purchasing my books, sharing and commenting on my posts, or by letting me know how my words touched and impacted your life, you all continue to fill my heart that it overflows with love. I’m excited to see what God blesses my hands to do this year.

God blesses us to be a blessing to others and you have just been blessed by Brandi.