Have you ever had a vision and then dismissed it? Maybe you thought that it was just a crazy idea. Or maybe you attempted to make it happen and then just didn’t go through with it. But what happens when you actually write the vision down? I am a witness that when you write your vision down it will come to life, but at an appointed time.

In my mid 20’s my friend and I joked around, but were kind of serious, about writing a book together about our dating experiences from a man and a woman’s perspective in our 20’s. Our dating life was horrible!! I was the “one date wonder” (I’d go on 1 date with a guy and then disappear) while my friend was the guy who remained in the friend zone. The book was eventually going to end with us finding “the one” and getting married. Needless to say, 10 years later my friend is able to write his ending to the book LOL. The ending of last year I received a word that I was going to write a book. On 11/12/17 as a more mature woman, I thought to myself  “In 5 years I’m going to write a book geared towards women to help them become a better version of themselves when they seek God first”. I totally forgot about the “joke” my friend and I had about writng a book over 10 years ago.

On 1/2/18, I wrote down my goal “write my book”. I believe it was the Holy Spirit that led me to write the vision down this time around. At this point, all I had was a journal and 5 devotionals written. I had no idea what the book would turn into. 7 months later on 8/17/18 Real Talk A Conversation From My Heart To Yours manifested (Click the pre-order book now link to purchase your copy today). It is a 30 day devotional book that features testimonies and real life experiences about the ups, downs, twists, turns, the highs, and lows of life. Often times when God plants a seed in our spirit, it comes back full circle. The book turned out to be a compilation of everything I thought the books would be about and more when they were just visions.

I strongly encourage you to write down your visions. Once you write them down God is able to do amazing things that are going to blow your mind. What are you waiting for? Write your vision down today!!


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  1. *grabs pen and starts to write* I cannot wait to revive my book Brandi. Thank you for this. Women are in constant need of encouragement, especially from other women!

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