Acts 2:19 NLT “And I will cause wonders in the heavens above and signs on the earth below—blood and fire and clouds of smoke.”

Do you believe in signs? Perhaps you have thought of something and then you saw a sign to confirm what you were thinking? Or maybe you’re believing God for something and you recognize that He answers you through signs? Do you believe the reason God shows you signs is because it’s leading you to a bigger purpose?

About a month ago my sorority sister tagged me in a Facebook post that read “Vender alert. Vendor alert. Calling all vendors”. I responded to the post asking her what the event was about because there was no information listed. Minutes later, she texted me a screenshot of the event. The description said “Join our panelists for a heart to heart Real Talk forum”. I was intrigued by the words that jumped out at me and immediately responded, “She read my book lol? All I read was heart to heart and Real Talk”. She responded “haha maybe it’s confirmation”. As I continued to read the description I asked her for more information regarding the event because the location was not mentioned. She passed along the Eventbrite link, and when I clicked on the url I noticed that the flyer was purple. I said to myself “nahhhhhhhhh there’s no way that her flyer is purple, she mentioned Real Talk and heart to heart”. I took that as a sign to reach out to the person who was hosting the event to find out about the vendor opportunity.

The next morning I sent her a message via Facebook introducing myself, telling her about Real Talk A Conversation From My Heart To Yours, Pray The Impossible, as well as, inquired about pricing to be a possible vendor. She responded “I would love for you to accept as a great part of this event is a Real Talk Forum so it’s aligned perfectly”. I responded “Yes I was like this is a sign for real! It’s crazy because at the end of each chapter I have a heart to heart section and I read that in your description. I’d love to be a part of this event”. We exchanged phone numbers and after a few text exchanges we both recognized that it was a divine connection. At the event there were three women who were on the panel sharing their stories. The stories were from their heart were about how they experienced things that could have killed them mentally, emotionally, spiritually, and even physically BUT GOD!

As one woman was sharing her story, a woman from the audience gave her a prophetic word about how she sees her as a millionaire and writing a book sharing her story. While the women continued to pour out their hearts, I had a revelation that the signs God was showing me that aligned my book with this event confirmed that this was the place where I was purposed to be. I gave my testimony about the alignment and enlightened the women that it was no coincidence that I’m an author and at this event. I urged the women to continue to be vulnerable through their stories to help other people overcome what they experienced, because there is someone who needs to hear it. After the forum ended, the woman who received the prophetic came to my vending table to find out more about me and my book. I shared with her words of wisdom, my testimony to inspire her, and gave her hope about the opportunities that would come her way from writing her book. Within the conversation we connected and I assured her that I would be willing to meet with her to assist in any way.

I believe that God speaks to us through signs. Whether it’s seeing a sign on a billboard, something someone said, or maybe recognizing a series of numbers in the form of time on your cellphone, it is God’s way of confirming things to us. Signs let you know that you are headed in the right direction. Signs are pieces of the puzzle that create a bigger picture. Signs will lead you to the place where you are destined to be that will reveal the purpose.