Has God ever taken you through a process and you did not understand the purpose of it until months or even  years later? When the purpose was revealed did you say to yourself “Ohhhhh that was the set up! Now I get it”. Or maybe God used you to be a part of the set up for someone’s purpose. Have you ever had a moment to dwell on the process of how that person’s passion turned into the set up of their life?

About a month ago, a sister friend of mine reached out to me to set up a meeting for she decided to take my advice and start a blog along with a website offering her planning services. She said “Being that you’ve jump started your own business I have a bunch of questions and thoughts that I want to run by you”. I was super excited that she decided to go forth and make her vision plain because she is so creative and gifted. She’s the  go-to girl out of my group of friends who always finds an experience for us to partake in whether its dinner at a new restaurant, a pop up event, or themes for vacation. A couple of weeks ago she launched her company on social media and has coined herself an Experience Specialist. Her motto is “Don’t deliver a product. Deliver an experience!”. The content that she’s been posting from pictures, reviews, to date night ideas have been amazing. She reached out to me asking if I could send pictures from past vacations as well as write a review for my most recent birthday dinner for her to post.

As I started looking for pics from past vacations, God literally dropped in my spirit that she planned my 27th birthday trip to Puerto Plata DR. Immediately I texted her “MAAM. I want to cry. Let me tell you about God. Just now God literally dropped this in my spirit. The first trip that you planned was in 2011 for my 27th birthday to Puerto Plata DR. We had just met 3 months prior through a mutual friend at Happy Hour. How did we end up on vacation together? Nobody BUT GOD! Almost 8 years later on my birthday trip (again lol) to Ibiza Spain I encouraged you to start your own business because you are so freaking dope! Who knew that was the set up! God used me to play a part in planning your first vacation and now encouraging you to just do it and start your business! 8 is new beginnings and my friend this is a new beginning for you. I’m thankful that God connected us for a bigger purpose”.

God is always working to orchestrate the set up. The set up could be God revealing your true purpose, your passion, or the next idea. Sometimes what you naturally love doing the most could be the set up to create a new stream of income. Pay attention to the people who God sends your way, who He aligns you with, and who He connects you to for they could be key players in your set up. The person who God sends on your path may come around full circle and play an integral role in the set up to the next big thing in your life.