Peace. What exactly is peace? Peace is the feeling of being without conflict. Have you ever experienced peace in the midst of a storm? Peace in the midst of a storm is when you can you place your confidence in God knowing that He is working everything out. In the midst of life’s struggles He wants us to trust him by placing our worries and concerns into His hands. The peace of God is similar to the feeling of being on vacation, basking in the sun, and not thinking about reality. No matter what is going on around you there is a sense of peace that overcomes you. That is a feeling that only God can give us. His peace is something that surpasses our human understanding. Our human minds and emotions will never be able to comprehend that kind of peace.

Accepting the peace of God is a process especially when we are still babies in our spiritual walk. There were plenty of storms in the beginning stages of my spiritual walk where it was hard for me to grasp His peace. As I matured in my walk, it became a little bit easier to accept His peace. I learned how to trust him more after surviving each storm that was sent my way. When you place your life in his hands you will experience His peace like never before. God never said that weapons wouldnt come our way in life, He did say that they wouldn’t prosper. All God wants is for us to cast our worries unto him so that he can give us His peace that will calm our minds, hearts, and spirits.

Just like when Jesus was asleep on the boat in the middle of the storm, his disciples were worried, anxious, and fretting about the storm. They were in disbelief that Jesus was peacefully sleeping while fear was arising within them. They woke Jesus up, and Jesus told the storm “Peace be still”. Immediately the winds stopped and the storm ceased. The disciples could not comprehend how Jesus was peacefully sleeping during the storm, but Jesus knew He was in control.

I know that it is easier said than done, but if you have never tried to take your eyes off your problems and lay your life in God’s hands, how would you know what the peace of God feels like? You can continue to fret and be worried about things you cannot control, or you can ask God for His peace knowing that He’s in control of everything working out for your good.