Psalms 119:28 NLT “I weep with sorrow, encourage me by your word”

Were you ever led to encourage someone who may be feeling down? Were the words exactly what they needed to hear? Sometimes when people are weeping with sorrow, the God in you will send them encouraging words.

A few months ago I reconnected with a friend from high school on Instagram a few weeks before his brother passed away. Since the day his brother passed, I’d send him words of encouragement to help him with his sorrow. One morning I sent him a link to the Pray the Impossible Instagram page. I shared a clip from a Heart to Heart Episode titled Flip the Switch. He responded, “I just watched it, sis. I need daily doses of your words if you don’t mind. You always make me feel better after I speak with you. Thank you. I appreciate you”. I replied, “Aww of course! I’m glad to be a blessing to you. In the meantime follow my Pray the Impossible page too. I’m always posting there”.

After our conversation, God placed it on my heart to send him a copy of Real Talk A Conversation From My Heart to Yours. I knew by giving him a copy, He will always have words of encouragement that he can hold onto at any time. When he received the book he messaged me and said, “I’m going to start reading it now. Thank you for being here for me through my rough time. You don’t know how much it means to me”. A few days later, he reached out and said, “This book is amazing. Thank you. I needed this. I can’t put it down. Do you know your texts and inspirations take some of my pain away? I appreciate and love you”.

When God is in you, He will use you to bring comfort to those who are weeping with sorrow, grieving, and hurting. They may not be strong enough to call on God themselves, but the God in you will provide words of encouragement that will strengthen them. God in you has the power to encourage them with your words.