Have you ever heard the saying “There is no testimony without a test”? Test is the key word in testimony. Life is a big test and we are all walking testimonies. We have all lived long enough to experience tests that have come our way. Tests were designed to strengthen our faith and to help encourage others along the way.

Are you currently experiencing a test? Do you feel like you have been struggling to believe that things will get better? Do you feel like your faith is wavering because you cannot see what you’re believing God for? I saw on Instagram a quote that states “Your faith isn’t tested until what you heard from God isn’t matching up with what you’re currently seeing in your life… Hold on to what He told you”. I can bear witness to this quote! But what I learned is that tests were never meant to be easy. Tests were meant to prune you, purge you, and draw you closer to God through your faith. Keep fighting the good fight of faith. Believe that God is going to see you through this test.

Or maybe you’re at the stage where you are a walking testimony. Your testimony is proof that you passed the test. There is someone waiting to be encouraged by what you just experienced and how you came out of the fire. Testimonies are comparable to the process of purifying gold. Just like gold we have to go through the fire to be refined and for impurities to be removed. Similar to how gold is formed after going through the fire, we are transformed, strengthened and molded into a new version of ourselves after the test. The outcome is to have a testimony to share with other people but first our faith must be tested.

The next time a test comes your way ask God to give you strength to pass the test. Your test is a part of your TESTimony to help and encourage someone else’s faith as well as taking your faith to the next level.