Brandi’s Spiritual Coaching was literally an answered prayer. I really needed a spiritual friend to help me stay the course. If looked up Church Girl, that would be me, but after the passing of my Grandmother in January of 2020 the simple things became difficult. I was indeed nervous about Spiritual Coaching but as I stated Brandi was literally an answered prayer.  Prior to our coaching session my connection with God was not where it was prior to dealing with grief.  As I worked with Brandi, we did not only accomplish my spiritual goals such as reading & praying more but I was able to work on personal goals.  Brandi in every session showed me where God’s hands were at work in my life.  Brandi was the Angel on the Bridge that as I was getting ready to go backwards; she pushed me forward. Thank you, Brandi, for the seeds you have planted. Thank you for being there on this bridge called Life. I was able to refill my spiritual tank when it was indeed nearly empty.  Thank you is inadequate! May God continue to grow, stretch and lead you as you continue to walk in his purpose for your life.


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