1 Corinthians 12: 7 NLT” A spiritual gift is given to each of us so we can help each other”

Do you know what your spiritual gift is? Are you an encourager? A comforter? Perhaps you have the gift of the prophetic? Or maybe you have a burning desire to pray for other people? God has given us all different spiritual gifts to help each other on our spiritual walk.

A friend of mine and I were having our usual spiritual conversation when she began to tell me about the people on her job. They had been stressing her out and telling lies about her for quite some time, and she reached a point where she decided to pray for them. As she described her encounter with God she shared: “I become emotional and I start speaking to God about them. I haven’t been praying for myself THAT much if I’m honest with you”.
I responded: “I think you’re an intercessor. That’s the gift God has given you”. She replied: “I don’t know about all that now Brandi lol”. I replied: “Come on now lady! And what does that mean? Don’t count yourself out. Remember, you were just baptized and this is the beginning of you tapping into your gift. Girl bye! The way you just explained how you become emotional when you pray for others”.

After I sent her the last text message, I sent her a screenshot of the definition of an intercessor. I wanted to give her food for thought about what I was led to share with her. Fast forward to two months later, I received a text message from her. She said: “Girl I’ve been thinking about you for days. I definitely was thinking about you yesterday when my friend from church, who is now the youth leader, said he can see me being an intercessor. I told him he was on the phone with the wrong one. Now, IDK if you remember our convo when you said that to me. I said ‘has this man spoken to Brandi?'”. I replied: “Hey girl hey! I sure do! Hahaha, girl don’t run away from your calling. People need you. Trust me it’s scary. It’s like ‘Nah who me?’. But don’t limit what God wants to use you for. That gift is something that He doesn’t give to everyone. Don’t worry, God will keep bringing it back your way until you say yes lol. You may save some lives with your intercessory prayer life girl”.

God is so remarkable with the gifts He gives to us individually. When God gives you a specific spiritual gift, He will keep nudging you, send people your way to relay the message, and show you signs to confirm the gift you should be using and walking in. Some of these spiritual gifts come with great responsibility because He knows who He can trust to assist His people on their journey. Maybe God gifted you with the spirit to encourage people because of the impact you have with your words. Perhaps God called you to be an intercessor because of the desire you have to intercede and pray on behalf of others. No matter what your gift is, we were created to help each other.