Isaiah 50:4 NLT “The lord God has given me the tongue of a teacher that I may know how to sustain the weary with a word”

Sometimes God will give you the right words to say to encourage others. Sometimes God will place someone on your heart to reach out to because their spirits need to be lifted. Sometimes God will use you to sustain someone’s faith during trying times.

About week 3 of COVID-19 quarantine, my dear friend came across my mind. I started to reach out to him and quickly realized that we hadn’t spoken in about a month. I texted him, “Yerrrrppp checking in Fam”. He responded, “B!! What’s good fam. How are you holding up?! I am doing okay. I’m lonely, to be honest, lol, but I’m holding things together”. I replied, “Pretty good! I was furloughed. My last day was Friday, but I’m holding up. I have so much to do for Pray the Impossible. You know I finally gave in and I’m about to start a podcast? Awww this is a time for self-reflection and growing deeper! You’re going to come out stronger than this. You just have to keep praying, meditating, and perfecting all the projects you want to accomplish”. After I sent him a picture of my podcast artwork, I decided to call him to continue our conversation. As we were conversing, he shared that self-reflection gave him time to think about things he’s done wrong in life, what he allowed people to do to him, and how he was changing the way he moves forward in life. He expressed how it also gave him so many creative ideas, but had been feeling stuck.

He revealed how this quarantine life led him down the rabbit hole of Instagram, not being able to focus, feeling down, and binge-watching TV shows. I understood how easy it was to feel stuck, not being able to focus, being unproductive, or not feeling accomplished. Out of nowhere, I shared with him my routine, despite being furloughed, which has helped me to stay on track. I shared how I would wake up at 6:30 am, followed by praise and worship, then I would take a nap at 8:30 am, because I would “technically” be commuting to work, and finally, I’d start my workday around 9:45 am. I informed him that sticking to this schedule helped me because I have a lot of work to do and it’s easy to fall off course. He responded, “B! Thank you so much! That’s exactly what I need. I need structure. Wow! You just motivated and encouraged me. I’m back! Back to waking up at 7 am and sticking to my routine”. When we hung up I remembered a devotional I read and the scripture I prayed that morning. I prayed, “Lord give me the tongue of the teacher that I may know how to sustain the weary with a word”. “Did God answer my prayer?”, is what I thought after our conversation. He sure did! My friend was weary and God gave me a word to sustain him.

God can use anyone to give a word to the weary. Sometimes God is using you as a teacher to teach or show someone how to get their mojo, motivation, strength, and inspiration back. Let God use you to teach someone with a word to sustain them through any circumstance, trial, or tribulation.