How often do you support your friends or family? Are you there to support their major accomplishments? What about supporting their new endeavors? Have you ever noticed that when you support others either with your time or monetarily God sends a blessing your way?

This year in particular, one of my best friends has been supporting me with everything concerning Pray the Impossible or with Real Talk A Conversation From My Heart To Yours. Whether she is reposting my book on her social media pages or sharing the weekly devotional she supports me in so many ways its unreal. The amount of love and support I receive from her my heart remains full. Last week she texted me saying she wanted me to hand deliver a book to her because she was purchasing a book as a Christmas gift for her coworker. I knew she probably wanted a hand delivery because we hadn’t seen each other since October, but that was a blessing in disguise. While at her grandmothers house signing the book she just purchased, her cousin started to tell her aunt about my book. She asked where my book was available for purchase and I told her I actually had books in my car. To my surprise her aunt wanted to purchase 3 books!!! God is so awesome because I had left a bunch of books in my car from a vendor event I had over the weekend.

I usually take the books out of my car but I was so exhausted after the event, and in that moment it made perfect sense as to why I had left them in my car for 3 days. That night I sold a total of 5 books!! Nobody BUT GOD! I couldn’t stop thanking Him on the way home for using my friend to be the blessing. My friend is truly the poster girl for “support your friends”. Since she had supported me God was about bless her unexpectedly with her side business. The next morning not even 24 hours of her purchasing my book, her friend reached out to her to place an order for 6 customized wine glasses. When she texted me that I was in awe! Like God that’s how you’re sending your blessings??? I see you LOL. She said “When you support others God sends people to support you”. If that’s not the truth then I don’t know what is. Not only did she get her money back from purchasing a book from me, but God blessed her with a few more dollars.

No matter if its books, customized wine glasses, or an event supporting your friends and family is important. Often times, I find the way God sets up our blessing is through blessing others. When you are generous with your giving and support God can send you a blessing within 24 hours. During this Holiday season, lets remember to be a blessing to others. While you may be waiting on a blessing from God, He is waiting to use you to bless someone first. Support others and God will bless you.