Proverbs 16:3 NLT “Commit your actions to the Lord, and your plans will succeed”

Have you ever planned a major celebration and envisioned everything would turn out perfect? What do you do when things attempt to go contrary to your plans on the day of the event? Do you stress about things that you cannot control? Or do you rest in God knowing that its already done?

For a year, I envisioned and planned my 35th birthday extravaganza and the day finally arrived. After months of preparation, finalizing plans, and running errands up until the night before, I woke up excited to see my vision come to pass. I was looking forward to enjoying a night filled with love, laughs, and turning up. Well, little did I know that attacks would come against my perfect plans. Around 10 am, I received an email from the venue notifying me that my liability insurance for the caterer was not filled out properly. I was informed that If I did not provide the proper paperwork by 12pm my caterer could not come on the premises. I took a deep breath as I sat in the chair getting a pedicure because I refused to allow this monkey wrench to ruin my day. Stress for what? It was already done! God worked it out for me and I was able to get the form filled out and sent over to the venue.

After running my errands, setting up, and picking up friends I received a text message from my cake vendor. She sent me a picture of my cake and immediately I stopped myself from getting upset. I showed the picture to my friends and the cake looked nothing like the picture I sent her. It was now 5:30 pm and she was scheduled to deliver my cake at 6:30 pm. My friends urged me to let her know that I was not satisfied with the cake and to ask if there was anything that could be done. Stress for what? It was already done! The cake vendor said that she would be able to fix my cake. Whew!! another monkey wrench handled by God! What else could attempt to go wrong? Well, around 7 pm while in the middle of getting my make up done, I received a phone call from my bartender stating that he was pulled over just mins away from the venue. The officer told him that he was not going to let him drive his vehicle and that someone would have to come to pick him up.

At that moment I realized that he had all of the specialty drinks for the night. As I tried to keep my composure, I said: “God what is going on???”. I decided to say a prayer because everything that was trying to come against my plans was out of my control. Stress for what? It was already done! A few minutes later he texted me saying that they let him go and he was able to drive to the venue!!! Oh, but the enemy had one last trick up his sleeve. At 7:30 pm, my DJ texted me saying that he was stuck in traffic and that he would not arrive at the venue until 8:15pm. I could no longer hold back the tears. Why was the enemy trying to ruin my birthday extravaganza?? The DJ was supposed to arrive at 7 pm and I was informed by my event coordinator that the guests were starting to arrive. There was absolutely nothing I could do besides saying: “God its already done. You’re in control”. Stress for what? It’s already done! About 30 minutes later a friend called me and let me know that the DJ arrived and was setting up!!! Although things tried to come against my plans, my birthday extravaganza was perfect! It turned out better than what I envisioned.

When we are planning a major event, trip, or celebration we expect our plans to run smoothly. Often hiccups occur to take us off track, fluster us, and make us stress about things out of our control. These are attacks that are meant to disrupt your peace, make you lose hope, and not believe and trust that God will work it out. But when you trust in God and have confidence in Him your plans will succeed no matter what. God wants us to get to the point where we stress for what? Its already done!