Are you disqualifying yourself before you pray about it? What new idea was birthed in your spirit to do? What desire was placed in your heart because of something you experienced? Have you already talked yourself out of it because you decided that you’re disqualified?

About a month ago I was at a vendor event at my church in Brooklyn. For some reason I arrived roughly 20 mins before and was waiting in my car to load in my things. At the same time, a member of the Brooklyn congregation who was also a vendor was waiting outside as she did not arrive by car. I asked her if she wanted to wait in my car to keep warm instead of being in the cold and she took me up on my offer. I didn’t know much about her as I had just met her 2 months prior because we both served on a committee for a church event. She opened the conversation with telling me about her life story and how her and her family endured a tragic event from when she was a little girl.

Due to the events that she experienced as a child and up until her adult life she had the desire to write a book and share her story. That was the moment I realized why it was just her and I who arrived earlier than everyone else. She said “I want to write a book, but I don’t have the education”. Unbeknownst to her that I am an author, immediately I stopped her in her tracks. I told her “Don’t say because you don’t have the education. If God gave you that desire then it can happen”. I reached in my backseat and showed her a copy of my book. Her eyes lit up like a child on Christmas. She began asking questions about my process and I told her that if I can do it so can she. She revealed that not only does she want to share her story in a book, but she wants to do an audio version of it too. I told her that I’m currently working on the audiobook version of my printed book. As she smiled, I encouraged her that it is possible she just has to take the first step and start writing.

Don’t disqualify yourself because you feel you don’t have the education, may not feel smart enough, or feel capable of accomplishing the idea without praying about it. Sometimes God will send someone along your path to encourage you to not disqualify yourself. There’s a reason why you experienced what you did because it helped to spring forth your idea. Pray and ask God to equip you with what you need and who you need to make your desire, dream, or thought manifest. If you’re unsure, pray and ask God to send you confirmations about the idea that was placed in your heart. Pray and thank God that the vision will manifest and work itself out. One of my favorite sayings is “God doesn’t call the qualified, He qualifies the called”. Remember to pray before you disqualify yourself.

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