Do you spread the good news of what God has done in your life to others? Have people noticed a change in you and you let them know that it was no one but God? Is your spirit filled with excitement when you engage in conversations about spreading the good news and of God’s wonderful ways?

My church, The House of the Lord Church- Bergen County, NJ, is the poster child for “each one bring one” based off of spreading the good news. 11 years ago my sistah from another mistah was doing her part in spreading the good news  when she invited me to attend her church. Within months, I felt God transforming my life that I was led to invite my brother who then months later invited my mom. As a family we began attending church based off the good news we received about Jesus and how mighty God is. I have a passion for spreading the good news of how God has brought me from a mighty long way. I love my church, and I’m always compelled to extend an invitation to people who I feel led to invite. I want people to experience the same good news that I receive from my Pastor and church family.

The ending of last year I invited my friend whom I refer to as my little sister to church because I knew she was experiencing a difficult time in her life. I knew that even though I was giving her encouraging words, sometimes you have to be in the house of the Lord amongst other believers to receive the good news. This year, after facing another trial, she made the decision to visit my church again in April. She received a word that was life changing and has been attending faithfully since April 29, 2018. Every Sunday, she would go home spreading the good news to her mom, and her mom began to see a change in her. Her mom decided that she would attend church with her one Sunday to see what the good news was all about. Even when her mom wasn’t visiting she would send in her tithes and offerings to our church. The good news my “sister” was spreading began to impact her mother’s life and now she attends our church faithfully.  My sister experienced God work in her life in a mighty way, that she was excited to spread the good news to her best friend who lives all the way in Long Island. Her bestfriend noticed the change and had been needing to hear a word from God. For the past 3 Sundays her bestfriend has made her way to Bergen County, NJ from Long Island to hear the good news of God.

So many of us are looking for a word from God or need a church home to connect to hear His word. Spreading the good news is so important because you don’t know whose life you can help transform. Whether spreading the good news about the encounters you’ve had with God or inviting someone to church who has been looking for a church home helps God reach more people. Spreading the good news impacts so many lives, which is the reason why God wants us to spread His word. Don’t keep God’s good news to yourself. Spread the good news and tell of all His wonderful deeds that He has done for you.