1 John 4:5-6 NLT “Those people belong to this world, so they speak from the world’s viewpoint, and the world listens to them. But we belong to God, and those who know God listen to us”

Have you been feeling disconnected from God and can’t seem to find your way back to Him? Do you feel as though you don’t know where to begin your spiritual journey? Who do you call for advice? Your best friend? Your parent? Your significant other? Are the people that you’re seeking wisdom from feeding you from a worldly perspective or from a spiritual perspective? The people you call may be able to give you advice but you need someone who can pour spiritual wisdom into your spirit so that you are able to make a connection or reconnect with God.

June 5, 2018 I launched Pray The Impossible. I had no expectations about whose life I would touch, who I would help, or whose life would change from the words given to me from God. I knew God had given me this platform to expose the work He began in me and through me to help people outside of my close circle. The feedback was beyond what I could ever imagine or think, but two comments that I received stood out the most. Two people who weren’t aware of my spiritual side, reached out to me asking if I could be their Spiritual Advisor. I was shocked and honored at the same time. But then it dawned on me that I am the friend who is always there to give advice based on my own experiences, godly wisdom, and knowledge. I always seem to go through a difficult situation first, and then God sends a friend my way to help them get through a similar situation that they are facing. It was in that moment that Spiritual Friendvisor dropped in my spirit. God used them to help me name what He anointed me to do. I am a Spiritual Friendvisor : A friend who gives advice based off of godly wisdom.

One of my friends who asked if I could be their Spiritual Advisor would reach out to me every now and then to talk about life, God, and our spiritual journeys. Recently him and I were having a conversation and he shared with me where he was on his journey. He wants to start going back to church but hasn’t been able to find the time to go. He further expressed how he hasn’t felt as connected to God as he once did, his thoughts have been all over the place, and he refrained from certain things out of discipline but didn’t know if he received clarity or not. I in turned shared with him about my 21 day liquid fast and how it helped me. One major pointer that I expressed to him was that he has to make time for God and to start by thanking God for waking him up in the morning. I assured him that he has to take baby steps and that its a process. I advised him to pray to God for 5 mins and then increase it everyday. I said “I know that life gets in the way but you need alone time with God. The best time could be in the shower. Speak to God and just release everything that’s on your mind and in your heart”.

A few days after our conversation my friend texted me “Wat up B. Quick question what type of fast did you do? No food from sun up to sun down?” I replied “Hey I did a 21 day liquid fast from 6am-6pm. Liquids include tea, water, smoothies, and soup. After 6pm you can eat whatever. You thinking about starting one?” He asked “And you said it was beneficial for a clear mind?”. I said “Absolutely. It helped me a lot plus I included reading scriptures and praying”. I continued to share with him other things that help me on my journey that I felt was valuable advice. The advice that I gave him I felt in my heart would be able to assist him back in the right direction towards God. He ended the text with “Got you friendvisor 100!!!”. My heart was so full knowing that he trusted the advice and godly wisdom I poured into him. The bigger blessing was when he applied what I said to him and started his fast the next day.

When seeking wise counsel you cannot ask or receive advise from everyone. That person should be a trusted friend who will share with you the wisdom they gained after spending time with God during their trial. Sometimes it’s a friend’s testimony that you are able to see and experience God in a new way. Or perhaps it’s your friend’s morning ritual with God that helps you to connect with God. Your spiritual journey is important and you have to surround yourself with men and women of God who are more mature in their walk to help guide you on the right path.