Proverbs 18:21 NKJV “Death and life are in the power of the tongue, and those who love it will eat its fruit”

Has anyone ever spoken negative words over your life? Perhaps they told you, “You act just like your father/mother”, and they may not be the best person to act like. Maybe you are internalizing these negative words and accepting them as your truth. Or possibly no one has spoken life over you in ways that would encourage and motivate you to do better? Or could you be the one who speaks life into people and no one is there to pour into you? When you least expect it, God sends someone to speak life over you. The right words spoken are to boost you up, acknowledge your hard work, and to inspire you to keep going because you are making a difference.

“Bdiva, Bdizzle, Bdiva. You know I’m random so don’t mind my randomness, but I was just thinking and you were on my mind. You dropped in my spirit so I’m just going to tell you what I hear. Stay patient. Stay courageous. Stay focused on your path. First of all, number one before I finish this I’m super proud of you. I see what you’ve been doing. I mean you’ve been doing it for a minute with Pray the Impossible. Your growth as a person, your purpose, and staying so connected is super dope. But I hear stay focused, stay courageous, Don’t lose track of what it is. Don’t get weary in the well-doing because your reward is already in Heaven. But, what you’re doing for people, inspiring and impacting from your friends to people you know well, to people who don’t even know you. You’re going to continue to gain favor in God’s eyes but also He’s going to give you favor in eyes of man. So keep on going. Do what you gotta do. This isn’t a lengthy message, but something that dropped in my spirit”, was a voice note I received from a childhood friend while on vacation. In a voice note responding to him, I said, “WOW! Thank you so much! I needed this word. This word came at just the right time to remind me to stay focused and don’t lose track for when I return home”.

For as long as I can remember I’ve been pouring, encouraging, and speaking life into other people. It was my turn for God to send a word to speak life into me, renew my drive, and refresh my focus. I was excited to be on vacation as Brandi/Bdiva and not worry about who I needed to speak life into as Pray the Impossible. On the other hand, I was also aware of how easy it is to get off track and want to remain in that place of relaxation. God decided to send a word ahead of time to remind me not to get too comfortable in vacay mode. The words spoken into me were to fill me up so that I can continue on this journey of who God called me to be through Pray the Impossible. I received and loved the word so much that I decided to eat from the fruits of these words because it gave me new life.

Not everyone can speak life into you. Some people do not choose their words wisely that will help your life to flourish in ways that birth greatness. Some people speak negative words that kill the seeds God planted within you. At the right time, God will send a person to deliver an on-time word to speak life, encourage, and push you towards excellence. You have to decide will you eat the fruit from the words of life or death?