Proverbs 11:30 NLT “The seeds of good deeds become a tree of life”

Seeds that you sow can be money, time, or even a sacrifice. A seed can be sown into a person or even into a ministry. Can you recall a time where you sowed a seed and witnessed the fruit manifest in the same day? Were you a blessing to someone from sowing a seed of good deed into their life?

On Holy Thursday, as I was in my morning prayer a friend texted me. Her text read “Hey sis! Please keep me in prayer. Things are getting worse. Try to be faithfilled and prayed up but I can’t help but semi panic because I just can’t see the light”. Immediately I let her know that I prayed for her and I would call her later to find out the details. She told me that her phone was off and suggested that I either FaceTime or FaceTime audio call her. Out of nowhere a shift occurred in my heart. I heard a voice say “Give her the money instead”. I knew exactly what the voice was referring to. Later that night, I was going to a One Day Revival at my Accountability Partner’s church where I had planned to sow a seed. At 7:49am without hesitation, I asked her for her Paypal information and told her that God put it on my heart to send her money. In the memo section I wrote “Sowing a seed into you! God placed on my heart to send you! I hope this helps you out. I know this is your Jesus year and it’s hard but stay the course! God will never leave you nor will He forsake you. This is the time to hold onto His word and SEEK HIS FACE love you sis”.

Throughout the morning I kept my Spiritual Friendvisor hat on sowing words of encouragement and godly wisdom into her. At 11:56am in the middle of our text conversation she texted me “Someone just reached out to me about managing their social media. I’ve been losing so many client projects lately… I feel like I can’t get excited since she aint officially sign up yet”. I responded “First of all get excited about the opportunity. Thank God right now. He just opened a door. God wants you to thank Him no matter the outcome. It’s time to take your relationship with God to the next level in your praise, worship, and prayer life”. She acknowledged that she needed to be more grateful and her tree of life started to come back. Her new found gratitude, renewed hope, and our conversation made her feel a lot better. The advice that I gave her she decided that she was going to implement it into her life. Just when she started to see the light rays peek through the tunnel, God shined the light on what was her darkest days. On Good Friday at 2pm she texted me “I got the client!!!”.

God will use you to sow a seed into someone who needs encouragement, who is in a financial drought, who fell on hard times, or who can’t see the light at the end of the tunnel. Your obedience in sowing a seed of good deed into a person who is in need, allows God to do a quick work for them. Your seed helps their tree come back to life, enables them to believe, trust, and have faith in God again. Who needs you to sow a seed of good deed into their tree of life?