Have you ever gone on Facebook and as soon as you opened the app it immediately said “We care about you and the memories you share here. We thought you’d like to look back on this post from years ago”. Instantly, you begin to dwell on the status or picture that you posted from years ago. Have you ever read the status and it made you sit back and smile? Or did reading the status bring back a painful memory? Did you look at the picture and laugh because you could remember exactly what was going on in your life at that time? Or did you see the pain in your eyes or could you recognize your counterfeit smile? One day while on my way to work, I saw on the side of a bus “Along your journey find moments to savor”. What does it mean to savor the moment? It means to appreciate fully, enjoy or relish; to delight in. I love a good inspiration especially when I am able to see God in it. As I meditated on that message it hit me that “your journey” was speaking to me about life. But, then I had a deeper understanding that in life there are two journeys that you will experience.

The 1st is a natural journey. On the natural journey you will experience ups and downs, mountains and valleys, twists and turns, joy and pain and everything in between. The tests, trials, and tribulations that you experience were meant to break you of your old self and build you into the person God has ordained you to be. But on your natural journal you cannot seem to understand why these things are happening to you. These tough moments were orchestrated to strengthen you, change you, but most importantly draw you closer to God. As you draw closer to God a shift begins to happen. Your thoughts start to change, your spiritual ears are fine tuning, and your spiritual eyes are sharpening. AHHHH you are now in a place where you are able to see your natural journey from God’s perspective. Now you are ready to transition from your natural journey the 2nd journey. The 2nd journey is the spiritual journey. You have learned to that the good, the bad, and the ugly situations that you experienced were for your good. God tells us in Roman 8:28 NLT “and we know that God causes everything to work together for the good of those who love God and are called according to his purpose for them”. During your spiritual journey things are being revealed to you and you have an understanding of why you went through everything you did.

Maybe you experienced a year of unemployment or months of interviewing for jobs and have yet to receive a job offer. You are not able to understand why God would open doors of opportunity for you to not to receive a job offer. You have a moment with God and he reveals that he is preparing you. Maybe you have not been on an interview in years prior to being laid off. During the interviewing process He was sharpening your skills. The prior interviews were just practice. He showed you through all the interviews what questions to ask. You learned after research that an interview goes both ways. While the potential employer is interviewing you, you are also interviewing them to see if it’s a good fit for you too. At the RIGHT TIME you are offered the job that you have been praying about. While God was preparing you for the position, he was working behind the scenes aligning the right people and company in your favor. You were offered the job because God had to prepare you to stand out from the rest of the candidates who interviewed for the same position. He aligned the right person to interview you because God qualified you for the position.

Have you experienced a failed relationship or are you holding on to a broken relationship that is past its expiration date? After the tears and heartache you decide to surrender and to let go and let God. You’ve been praying to God to send you the man or woman that your heart desires, but this whole time God has been waiting for you to work on your relationship with Him. After all that is the best relationship you will ever have. The bible tells us in Matthew 6:33 to put God first and everything else will fall into place. So if you are not putting God first how do you expect to have a long lasting relationship with a man or woman? During the intimate moments spent with God you realize that you neglected him and haven’t taken the time to truly get to know him. The time spent with God you learned the other relationships did not work because God was not the foundation. You learned how to forgive like how God forgives. You learned that TRUE love is pure, kind, and not jealous. You learned to be obedient and allow God to strip you of your old ways and thinking to make you ready for the partner God designed for you. At the RIGHT time when you are mentally, emotionally and spiritually ready, God finally sends you the man or woman he designed for you. You know that this time around it’s a godly relationship because God sent you who you needed instead of who you wanted.

When I think about all that I have experienced I learned to see GOD in EVERY situation. I have no choice but to savor the moments. I have come so far and still have a long way to go. Every time I share a testimony I’m savoring these moments because there was a time where I knew of God but I did not know him for myself. Do YOU know him?? We can all sit here and count our blessings, but are you finding moments to savor along your journey?? When you truly KNOW him finding moments to savor along your journey will be nothing short of delight. Your tests, trials, and tribulations are moments to savor. When you come out on the side of victory, when God answers your prayers, reflect and say THANK YOU LORD!!! The lessons and blessings along your journey are moments to savor.

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