Titus 2:6 NLT “In the same way, encourage the young men to live wisely”

Are you living in a way that is relatable to those who are inspired by you? There is something about your personality and character that is relatable to those whom God wants you to encourage and motivate. God will use you to boost others to live wisely, to be authentic, and to be comfortable with who they are in God.

One day someone posted an excerpt from my book My Way or God’s Will? The Choice is Yours on Instagram and I commented, “Whew chilllleee”. She replied, “I’m reading don’t worry. I’m taking it all in. Thank you for this. I’m at the point in my life where I can take this info in and understand it. I’m also listening to your podcast. I have a prayer jar and on June 1st I am going to start “the answer jar”. I’m going to read through my prayers and take things out that have been answered as well as continue to put in that jar (because I did stop).

I replied, “You’re welcome boo!! Thank you for sharing this with me!! I swear it blesses me. I remember when I was younger and didn’t know God like how I do now. I am so grateful to pass on the wisdom and knowledge I’ve learned and am learning to people who are where I once was. Also, it just confirms that the path I’m on is the right path. God made me relatable and down to earth where people can understand Him through me”. She replied, “Crazy thing I was a church girl growing up. I went to college and fell off ya know? But I’m glad this blesses you because I am blessed. And I thank you again for also showing me real life and that I can be who I am with God and still be myself”.

Perhaps it is your gifts, talents, and skills that make you relatable. Maybe it is the way you enjoy living your best life and loving God at the same time that make you relatable. Someone could be struggling on their journey with how they should live and God will place you in their life as reassurance to be authentic with themselves and God. God will use your personality, hobbies, or character to encourage and inspire people on their spiritual journey to live wisely.