My Way or God’s Will? The Choice is Yours


My Way or God’s Will? The Choice Is Yours​ is the story of my metamorphosis into the self-proclaimed Spiritual Friendvisor of Pray the Impossible. I asked God for words of the day to provide advice rooted in godly wisdom on my Pray the Impossible social media page—this would inevitably become a huge step in my transformation to do things according to God’s will. God led me to choose specific words to share with you through my experience regarding how to let go of doing things your way and surrendering to do things His way. My journey was a process filled with confusion, internal battles, difficulty letting go, pain, the unknown, renewing of my mind, surrendering, self-reflection, and, most of all, becoming a new person in Christ through my transformation. Are you torn between doing things your way or doing things God’s way? Are you prepared to let go of the old you to discover a part of you that you never knew existed? Are you willing to give up your way for God’s will? Remember, the choice is yours.

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