Psalm 66:19 NLT “But God did listen! He paid attention to my prayer”

Where do you keep your prayers? Do you write them down? Do you store them in a secret place? Do you believe that God hears and listens to your prayers? Sometimes you need a prayer box to store your prayers to reference when God answers them.

When I first released Real Talk, I wrote in a chapter about how a good friend shared with me the idea about having a prayer jar. The purpose of the prayer jar is a place to keep your written prayers in expectation of God answering them. My younger cousin read that chapter and was inspired to create a prayer box instead. A few weeks ago she texted me, “Biggie GOD IS SO AMAZING”. I replied, “What did He do?”. She replied, “WHAT DIDN’T HE DO!! I went through my prayer box last night. I was having a super emotional night”. I replied, “Come on prayer box!!!”. She continued to state, “I went to look at some prayers from exactly a year ago and saw that He answered them. Starting with my dad”.

She proceeded to show me a screenshot of her written prayer from last year. The screenshot of the prayer said, “A year ago I asked God to bring my father peace, to comfort him, and for him to make a turnaround. March 31, 2019, that prayer was answered differently but He still made sure my father was at peace and comforted. MISS YOU DADDY”. The next screenshot she sent read, “Music career to take off, a trustworthy manager, producer, a solid team behind me. Amen”. I sat back in amazement because I remembered the same feelings she had when I saw my answered prayers. I replied to her, “Listen I’m trying to tell people it works. Come on now God”. She replied, “I just can’t believe it. I went through super tears last night. Just thanking God. I was so emotional”. I responded, “Whenever I go back through the prayer jar it always amazes me. God leads you there when you least expect it. It’s always after He answers the prayers when we forget about it”.

Having a place to keep track of your prayers is important in building your faith. We pray many prayers that we sometimes can’t remember; or aren’t able to recognize that God came through and answered the prayers. Whether it’s a prayer box, jar, or journal, appreciate that it’s a tool you can use to help remind you that God listens, hears, and will answer your written prayers.