When you receive wisdom, knowledge, or even a Sunday word from your Pastor, do you pass it on to build someone’s faith or do you keep it to yourself? Or maybe you read devotionals from your favorite devotional website, do you think of someone who needs encouragement that you can pass it on to in order to encourage their faith?

Early Thursday morning while waiting for my ride to the airport I decided to go on Facebook. I saw that a member from my church posted that she was excited to be heading to New Orleans for the Power Rising conference. I was led to leave a comment saying how I couldn’t wait to see her. Just a few hours later after I saw her post, I recognized her at the airport. I was surprised and happy to see her. I told her that when I left the comment about not being able to wait to see her I didn’t know that I was literally going to see her on my flight to New Orleans too. She told me that her original flight was cancelled and that they were able to put her on another flight.

Sitting in the airport hearing the announcement that our flight was delayed for the second time we began chatting. She said out loud “Be Still and Let God Work. I’m trying to figure out why my flight was cancelled and now our flight keeps getting delayed”. I noticed that when she said that she had a folder and a print out of my devotional from last week titled Be Still and Let God Work. I said “OMG you’re still printing out the devotionals?”. She replied “All the time. I need them and I even pass it on to other people. I print them out and pass them to other people because they need encouragement. Some people are a little rough and need a word”. I said “And that was the reason why your original flight was cancelled. It was meant for you to be on my flight to share that with me. THANK YOU!!”. She said “People thank me all the time for passing it on. I tell them don’t thank me, thank Ms. Brandi”.

When you receive a word or insight think about someone who you can pass it on to. The information that you have within can help build someone’s faith and give them encouragement. There are people who may not have a relationship with God and maybe the closest thing they know about God is seeing the God in you. Your relationship with God and your faith when you overcome the storms of life is what they are looking at.  There are a lot of people who need faith to believe in God, know that God can and He will keep His promises, and that God is always with them. God created us to help advance His kingdom by sharing our testimonies, messages of hope, and devotionals of faith. We have to pass it on because faith comes by hearing, and hearing the word of God.

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  1. Praise the Lord, I just made it through a trial or hard time by praising and worshiping God. The sermons that I have been preaching have been about praising and worshiping God. Thank you for your reminder that I’m doing the right thing.

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