Deuteronomy 2:7 NLT “The Lord your God has been with you, and you have lacked nothing”

Do you believe that God will supply all your needs? Are you aware that no matter the situation God is with you and will not let you go without? Sometimes God allows circumstances to happen to show you there will be no lack in your house.

One morning, I decided to check my bank account to see if I received my stimulus check. A few people had informed me the day before that they received theirs and I was interested to see if I was in the number. To my surprise, I did not see the stimulus check but I did receive my unemployment insurance instead of it being withheld a week. At that moment I realized I was content. I reflected over the past few weeks of quarantine and how God has kept me and how I lacked nothing. I looked at the bigger picture. I recognized that I have my health, peace of mind, strong faith, a legacy that I’ve established, a roof over my head, so what was there to complain about? I thanked God for all that He’s done.

9 Weeks into quarantine, I pondered on how God has truly made away when it would seem to be no way. Although I was furloughed, I was able to pay my rent twice, pay all my bills, pay off 2 credit cards, and have money left over that I usually wouldn’t pre-pandemic. During this time God sent people in my life to bless me financially! God sent a blessing where I was able to skip a payment with my car note for the month of April, which allowed extra funds. With all these blessings, I knew that I had to be faithful and continue to pay my tithes and offerings because there has been no lack in my house.

A month after most people received their stimulus check, I decided to check on the status of mine. I read a message that stated, “We estimate your stimulus check to be mailed on May 15, 2020”. I pondered on that message and said, “God you truly kept me from lack. There has been no lack in my house. You kept me financially by collecting unemployment and without the stimulus check”. To think about the beginning of the year when I began to worry about how I was going to pay for the trips I planned, the destination wedding I’m in and paying for other things while being employed. God showed me that even with the pandemic and being furloughed He has been with me this whole time. There was never a need to worry about my finances because He said there will be no lack in my house.

God works in mysterious ways. Sometimes God will allow a pandemic, a job loss, or any circumstance that would be considered uncomfortable to prove that He is with you and that you will lack nothing. I believe God wants to change our perspective to trust Him no matter what because with Him in your life there will be no lack in your house.