Is there a desire in your heart that you feel strongly about? Do you know in your heart that its going to manifest? Can you see it? Can you feel it? Never give up on believing that your heart desires will manifest, because God will make it happen. One person that I know who never gave up on her heart desires is my cousin whom we refer to each other as cousin/sisters. I’ve never witnessed anyone with the power to never give up manifesting a desire from as big as going on a TV Show to something as small as a parking spot.

A few years ago I was visiting my cousin/sister and her daughter and we were watching the Ellen Degeneres Show. She was telling me how her and her daughter watch the show FAITHFULLY and she could feel that one day they were both going to go to the show. Whenever she says “I can feel it” trust me it always happens. One day after they were watching an episode, during the credits the producers said to write a letter and submit a video to share your story for a chance to appear on the show. She never gave up on heart desire of going to the Ellen Degeneres Show. She decided to write in  and submit a video explaining her situation about living paycheck to paycheck, that her and her fiancé have one car, and that she takes Ubers to get to work. Guess what? The producers loved her story and the video she submitted of her daughter dancing and watching the show. Within a few days after contacting my cousin/sister they flew her and her daughter to California to be on the show. To her surprise while being a guest on the show, Ellen surprised my cousin/sister with a BRAND NEW CAR!!! (This episode was posted on Ellen Tube on May 5, 2016). The power of manifestation is so real!

Most recently she manifested Taylor Swift tickets for her and her daughter. A friend of hers was telling her how she received her tickets for the concert. My cousin/sister did not have tickets, but she had a feeling that if she would go to the stadium someone may have an extra pair that they were giving away. On the day of the concert, when she came home from work her daughter was dancing to Taylor Swift. She knew in her heart that it was a sign to head to the stadium. She told her daughter to get dressed as she was unaware of what my cousin/sister was manifesting. When they arrived at the stadium the lines were wrapped around the barricades, BUT GOD! As they began to approach the line she happened to see her friend who told her about the tickets. To my cousin/sisters surprise an email confirmation was needed in order to retrieve the hard copy tickets, but she didn’t allow that stop her from joining her friend in line. The line started to get closer to the security check-in and she just so happened to look down and there was a folded piece of paper laying on the ground. Guess what? When she opened it, it was an email confirmation!!!! Security asked my cousins friend how many people were in her party and she said 8, and all they had to do was quickly show the piece of paper in exchange for the tickets!! The tickets they received were floor seat just feet away from the stage.

I want to encourage you to NEVER GIVE UP on your hearts desires. If God is speaking to you through signs or people that is related to what you are believing God for, don’t give up. The signs that He is showing you is to give you hope to keep believing that He will bring it to pass. My cousin/sister’s testimonies renewed my heart desires to never give up. As long as you remain confident and have faith  knowing that God is more than able to bring your heart desires to pass it will happen.