Have you ever shared a small need with someone in casual conversation? Or perhaps you were planning to go to the store to buy whatever it is that you needed and decided to wait? God knows what you need even when you think he doesn’t. All God wants us to do is trust that he will supply all our needs.

A few weeks ago my dad called me to find out the weather because he was coming up from South Carolina to visit his brother who is in the hospital. He’s been residing in South Carolina since 2005 and he is not used to the winter weather in the north. I told him that it was going to be extremely cold for a few days and to pack warm. When he arrived, in casual conversation he mentioned that that he needed some warm gloves not only for here but for when he goes home because he rides on his moped. I suggested that we could go to Walmart one day and pick up some gloves. One day we went to Walmart to go grocery shopping, and as we were almost done I reminded him about the gloves. We started to look through the aisles and could not find the gloves. He said to forget about the gloves he will ask his friend to take him to another store to purchase them.

A few days later when I returned home from running errands my dad said “I want to show you something. God is real”. He showed me a pair of black snow gloves and begins to tell me the story about how he received the gloves. He said “I went outside to smoke a cigarette and this man was walking down the street. I noticed he had on some nice gloves. I asked the man where he got the gloves from and he told me Amazon. The man took off the gloves and handed them to me. I said to the man no I only asked because I wanted to know where to buy them from. I asked the man how much were the gloves because I wanted to pay him. He told me no. I said nah man let me pay you. He said no Jesus told me that you needed these gloves and to give them to you. All I could do was say thank you and the man continued to walk down the street”. I said “WOW! Look at God!”. The stranger gave my dad a brand new pair of winter gloves.

It amazes me how God knows what we need and will use a stranger to provide for our needs. Sometimes God will use what doesn’t seem ordinary to remind us that He is able to do it by any means. This is why we shouldn’t worry about our needs because God will use people in His kingdom to supply our needs according to His riches and glory. My God knows what you need.