Has God ever “moved” something in your favor? Have you used mustard seed size faith to move a mountain? All it takes is just one move from God to turn your situation around. Last week a friend of mine and I were having a conversation via text about last Tuesday’s devotional. Somewhere along the lines God made a strategic move. I prayed earlier that morning because I did not have a devotional written nor an inspiration for this week. I said “God what am I supposed to write about? I don’t have an inspiration for next week”, well little did I know that my friend and I’s conversation would turn into this weeks post.

In the midst of our text conversation we were talking about how good God is and I texted her “He’s blowing my mind like I’ve never seen before”. It was at that very moment that God moved it in my favor. She began her testimony with “I prayed to get a job at the center I’m currently working at. I left my other job and decided I’ll work part time until I find something better”. I knew at this point that her faith and her spirit were at peace. I could feel her faith as I was reading the text message. I knew she was going to tell me something miraculous because the presence of the Lord was felt. After 2 months of leaving her dead end job, she interviewed with her current job and was hired in the same week!! This woman of God stepped out on faith and God moved on her behalf.

She then proceeds to tell me how she applied to grad school late and was accepted into her program. Two weeks before the semester started she applied for a  school grant and received a bill in the amount of $3505 that had to be paid the Tuesday after classes start. Since she had recently stepped out on faith and God didn’t fail her she said “ummm Lord OK, imma move some funds around”. 3 1/2 hours later after she had that conversation with God she received an email that she was awarded a little over 2k for the semester!!! She thanked God and with her faith she said “now all I have to do is come up with the remaining funds and set up the first payment”. God was behind the scenes moving it on her behalf, because that following Monday morning she received another email saying they miscalculated the grant!! MY GOD!! Now her semester is paid in full.

Not once did she question God or panic about where she was going to get the money from to pay the bill. Her mustard seed size faith MOVED MOUNTAINS. She decided to trust God and not once, not twice, but three times He moved it in her favor. The same mustard seed size faith that my friend used and that I used to ask God about inspiration for today’s post is the same faith that is available to you. Do you have the courage to use your faith to move your mountain? Do you believe that God will move it for you too?