Have you ever traveled along life’s journey and God suddenly orchestrates a detour? How do you react when the route you planned on taking changes? Do you get angry and upset? Or do you remain calm knowing that God may have planned a miracle in the detour?

The day before my 34th birthday, I woke up and had an intimate moment with God. I prayed that morning asking God to give me an 11:59pm miracle. I wanted God to perform one more miracle in my life before the clock struck 12am. Later that evening, 3 of my girlfriends and I were scheduled to catch an 8:50pm flight to Ibiza, Spain to continue my Brantober birthday celebration. In the midst of my afternoon while running around trying to run last min errands before my flight, I received an email notification from the airline that our flight was delayed. We were no longer departing at 8:50pm, but now at 11pm and arriving at 12am on 10/19 the day after my birthday. I refused to get upset, so I immediately texted my spiritual sister who was going on the trip to see if she had received the same notification which she had not. She took the initiative to check for herself and the flight status on her end showed that our flight was still departing at the original scheduled time. I felt a sense of peace and thought maybe it was a mistake and proceeded to pick up my line sister and head to JFK airport to meet my other 2 friends. As our uber pulled up to the departure terminal, I  received a text message from the airline reconfirming that our flight was delayed to 11pm.

I knew God must of been working on something because He wouldn’t allow us to travel 24 hours to get to our destination that should only take 8 hours with 2 flights and miss my birthday plans I had scheduled in Ibiza. We then walked up to the agent to get a better understanding of why our flight was delayed. I explained to her that it was my birthday and there had to be another option, because I wasn’t planning on spending my entire birthday traveling. The agent sympathized with me and made a few phone calls to see if there were any other flights available. While the agent was making her phone calls I said a small prayer to God because I believed that He was still going to bless me with an 11:59pm miracle. God literally came through 1 min after my small prayer. She was able to find 4 seats for us on British Airways!!!!!! Talk about a miracle!!! The second miracle was that instead of our flight departing from JFK to another city in Spain and arriving in Ibiza at 12am on 10/19, we were departing from JFK to London and then arriving in Ibiza at 5pm on my birthday!! The third miracle was that 3 out of 4 of us had never been to London so we were excited that God detoured our trip to stop there for a quick layover.

At that moment I realized that God decided to answer my prayer for an 11:59pm miracle through a detour. Who else could send us a miracle in the matter of 1 minute ?? Nobody BUT God and He wasn’t finished sending miracles our way. In order to kill time we decided to go to the airport lounge to eat and start the birthday festivities BUT most importantly to thank God for the miracles that He just performed. After we finished eating, the waiter decided to take a few items off of our bill because one of the meals was not to my friends liking (miracle number 4). He informed the chef that my friend was not satisfied with her meal and the chef personally came out and decided to give us all additional food on the house to bring with us on the plane (miracle number 5). God performed all of these miracles based off my prayer request that morning.  I was in awe that God decided  to orchestrate a detour and use people along our journey to Ibiza to send the miracles. God truly came through with multiple 11:59pm miracles to end off my last night at 33 years old.

Detours that come your way are sometimes orchestrated by God. He will use what seems to be an inconvenience to give you a miracle in a way that you did not expect. Detours allow Him to change your course and use people along your journey to play a role in your miracle. The next time you encounter a detour in your life look for and expect God to perform a miracle whether big or small.


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  1. Oh my!
    Sometimes you find your self at a stop because you just came upon a God detour, I didn’t pay attention to the signs until now. that’s just what just happen to me! thank you so much for this devotion, it made me stop, breathe, and look around to acknowledge the detours have worked in my favor!
    Just in case you don’t know, I have been blessed every time I read your devotions!
    Peace & Blessings!

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