2 Samuel 22: 30 NKJV “For by you I can run against a troop; By my God I can leap over a wall”

What is holding you back from taking the leap? Is fear keeping you from making the first move? Have you made up in your mind that you are going to take the leap? Or are you waiting for reassurance to confirm the net will appear after you take the leap?

One Sunday morning, as I read the church announcements, the quote of the week “leap and the net will appear” on the back of the bulletin caught my attention. After service, an idea darted inside my mind to surprise my friend with a personal size peach cobbler for her 35th birthday. I researched the local soul food restaurant to find out their hours of business. To my surprise, it said it was opened, so I proceeded to drive to the restaurant. When I walked towards the door, I noticed the hours of operation sign. It was about 11:15 am, but the sign read: “Sunday: 12pm-7pm”. In a state of confusion, I thought to myself: “Google said that it was opened. How come it is closed? I do not have time to wait 45 mins for it to open”. I decided I would go home and pick the dessert up before I went to my friend’s birthday cookout. While I was crossing the street to my car, I heard a voice say: “All I saw was legs and hair. I said wait a minute that’s Brandi”. I looked at the driver and it was one of my good friends. We laughed as I walked over to her. I said: “Hey boo what’s up?”.

She responded: “I was going to bother you the other day, but then I said forget it. I’m going through my own things, but I wanted to talk. I don’t know if I needed confirmation. I know what I have to do. I just need to take a leap. Then as I was walking the other day, I said to myself ‘DUH! They already told you at church it’s not about finding another shop to work at’. I just want my own space”.

I responded: “MA’AM! Now you know you can always call me. And aren’t you a realtor now? OH OK! You do know that you can find your own space?.

She looked at me and said: “I know. I’m not scared. I no longer have anxiety about it. I just don’t know why I haven’t done it”.

The traffic light was about to turn green so I jumped in her car to finish the conversation. We sat in her car for another 20 mins as she shared recent revelations and her testimony. In the middle of her pouring out her heart, the quote of the week dropped in my spirit. I shared the quote with her and realized Google said the restaurant was opened for a reason. She told me although she woke up at 8:35 am she was unable to make it to church. I said: “Girl that’s because we just had church in your car. I was coming to get peach cobbler and the restaurant is closed. Your intentions were to go to the beauty supply store. Look how we ended up in your car. Now take the leap!”. All we could do was laugh at how God ordered our steps.

If you ever questioned yourself and allowed something to hold you back, I’m here to tell you to take the leap. God places desires in your heart because He requires you to take the leap of faith. God has a net waiting for you, but He is saying: “You of little faith why did you doubt?”. I want to encourage you to take the leap with a true heart and full assurance of faith. Trust and believe the net will appear after you take the leap.