Psalms 71:7 NLT “My life is an example to many, because you have been my strength and protection”

Did you ever think that God chose you to lead by example? Could there have been a situation that you endured, survived, and overcame for a purpose bigger than you? Sometimes God will handpick you to lead, be an example, and show people the way.

One morning I received a text, “Hey what did you do to stay strong?”. I replied, “Hey stay strong when?”. She replied, “During hard times?”. I replied, “Honestly, it was me and God. I binged watched Sarah Jakes Roberts and Pastor Mike Todd on YouTube. Every day I would come home and watch their old videos. I don’t even remember watching TV. It was me and YouTube. I journaled a lot. I cried. I prayed. I fasted. I read the Bible. I read devotionals. I had my moments, and then I had better days. At that point, I was writing Real Talk. I was just so focused on God and He revealed things about me that I needed to unlearn and learn. Also, I surrendered. I said God not my will but your will be done. What I was doing was not working”. She replied, “I like that statement about unlearning. I commend your strength. You are different. So strong and solid”. I replied, “I remember you always said that. I swear it was God”.

I shared, “I asked God to be a dope woman of God. Well, the only way for that to happen was to start from scratch and learn what a woman of God truly means”. She responded, “WOW. You’re so knowledgeable and strong. I know I say this often. I’m so proud of you. I’m learning from you”. I replied, “Thank you that means a lot because at some point I was saying this is all for nothing. I’m not seeing the benefits of this. I’m helping all these people but God what about me? But God always sends a reminder to let me know it’s not. Now, I’m like it was worth it to help other people become whole, healed, complete, and grow in their faith. I just didn’t know I would have to be the example first”.

God will handpick you for an assignment, trial, tribulation, or obstacle to make you an example. Everything you experience, the wisdom you obtain, and the knowledge you gain is to help someone else on their path. God will give you the strength you need to lead by example.