Do you feel like you’ve been putting in work and have yet to see the rewards? Do you feel as though your hard work is not paying off? Are you counting the days, weeks, and months to when you will reap your harvest? If so, you’re not alone. Don’t give up in due time you will reap your harvest if you keep the faith.

From writing my book and  weekly devotionals, to posting daily encouraging words on my social media pages, to now strategizing ways to market my brand, is the work that God has called me to do this year. 2018 has been a year of hard work and what appeared to be a fruitless season in my natural eyes. Have I experienced moments this year thinking that I should have reaped my harvest by now ? Absolutely!! Every month I paid tithes, gave offerings, and even stretched my faith by giving several seed offerings to end up feeling frustrated, angry, disappointed, have my faith tested, and my hope deflate as the months passed by and I didn’t reap my harvest. I’ve heard my Pastor give several sermons about how there’s always “time” in between the seed and harvest, but this year was different. I had never experienced such a long drought in my “in between” season where my faith wasn’t able to sustain the waiting game. In this particular season my mind, heart and spirit couldn’t grasp the concept of the length of time I had to wait until my harvest. One Sunday in the middle of September my Pastor preached a word that was titled its Harvest Time. One key point that she made was that “your sowing is not in vain”.

It finally clicked. I meditated on that word and realized that this year I had been so focused on timing. I put my energy into when I thought it was time for me to reap my harvest which caused  my frustration, anger at times, and disappointments. I failed to acknowledge that just like a seed, I needed time to be watered and to grow. I needed time to develop into the person that was and is ready to reap the harvest that God has for me. While I was sowing, God was preparing and aligning people in my favor to bless me. From being a guest on a podcast to doing a radio interview, to book singings to being asked to participate as a vendor for a couple of events, to recently selling over 300 copies of my book in just 2 1/2 months God showed me why my sowing was not in vain.

Even though it took what seemed to be forever , God blessed me with so much in the month of September and that’s just the beginning. The late nights, the dedication, the commitment, and the solitude was needed to sow God’s work in order to reap the harvest that God has stored up for me. I learned in this season to no longer focus on time. God’s way of reaping your harvest will make up for what you may feel like is lost time. Remember that just like you, God needs time to make sure the harvest He has for you is just right. I encourage you to keep sowing because the harvest that is waiting for you is going to come in a mighty and abundant way when you least expect it.