Ephesians 3:20 NET “Now to him who by the power that is working within us is able to do far beyond all that we ask or think”

Have you ever had an idea or a plan and it turned out differently than what you expected? Perhaps you envisioned it one way and when it manifested it was not the way you thought? Many times we think life is going to turn out one way, but God will step in and do more than what we think.

One day a friend called me because he wanted to share something with me. He said, “Bdiva do you have audio from your Heart to Heart IG live show?”. I responded, “No, I only have the videos saved”. He suggested by saying, “I think you need audio. You should strip the audio from your video and create a podcast. There’s this app that I used to create mine. You have a message that you need to share on all platforms. Some people won’t watch Heart to Heart but will listen to it on a podcast on the way home from work or while they’re cleaning”. In amazement, I responded by saying, “You know what’s crazy? I was a featured guest on my two friend’s podcast on the same app right before you called me. This is crazy”. He replied, “Yea and the good thing is you can get paid from it too when you do ads and sponsorships”. I replied, “They were telling me about a commercial they just did. This morning I had a thought about ways to have multiple streams of income. Thank you so much for always thinking of me. I’m going to get on it”.

A few days later after I set up my account for my podcast, I was led to the vision board I created in January. To my surprise, I saw the podcast icon I placed on the board which at the time represented Heart to Heart. I never intended to have a podcast because I felt like so many people had one. I decided that I would differentiate myself and host an IG live show. It was at that moment when it was revealed that its true purpose was to create Blessed by Brandi. Now I realized, it’s not what I thought it because God had something better in store. This podcast is an opportunity for Pray the Impossible’s message to reach a new audience, an additional stream of income, a platform to introduce my books, and for God’s glory to reach the masses in the unique way that He called me to do it.

You may not be aware or perhaps you forgot that God is in the business of exceeding what we think. Our only requirement is to be open to how God chooses for our life to unfold. God likes to surprise us by doing more than we could ever think, dream, or imagine. God’s ways are not our ways and His thoughts are not our thoughts. The next time you have an idea or plan don’t be surprised if it doesn’t look like what you think!!

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  1. Great post. I listened to your podcast, and i love the accent sound, and your message. God is working in you and through you.

  2. Also, I enjoyed the prayer at the end of your podcast.
    I tired to find this on apple podcast but couldn’t, can you share the link in your next email or post?
    Thanks much! “YOU GO GURL” (Martin voice)

    1. Thank you so much!! The podcast didn’t get picked up on Apple podcast just yet. Its only on anchor and Spotify right now. I will definitely include the links in my weekly devotional email blasts 🙂

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