Do you think that when trials come your way it’s about you? I’ll tell you from my own personal experiences that its not. The pain, the hurt, the obstacles, and the challenges you are facing are meant for you to magnify the Lord. God is using you so that His strength can be perfected through your weakness. Maybe you recently lost a loved one, struggling with an illness, or experienced a recent divorce. These are definitely life changing experiences that might have broken your spirit, made you lose hope, and maybe even had you question God. But how do you overcome the trials that life sent your way when it feels as though you are not going to make it? God is the way to victory.

Be intentional about seeking God. Pray to God every chance you get. Maybe seek counseling to help you grieve. Read devotionals that will encourage you. If you have not gone to church in a while plan to start attending. Get into a God zone. Listen to Gospel music or songs that will help your praise and worship.Talk to God. Pour out your heart and let him know exactly how you are feeling. If you have to let out a good cry or scream its OK! God is a way maker and He can and will change your circumstances.

Building your relationship with God is what will keep you pressing forward through the difficult moments when you start to miss your loved one. God is the physician of all physicians and it is by his stripes that He will heal you. It is your faith and trust in God that will make your heart whole again. While you are going through acknowledge God because He is the one who will mend your heart, heal your body, and bless you with a new love. After the trial, your faith in God will be on another level. You will understand that what you just experienced was meant for your good.

God was in need of you which is why he strategically sent the trial your way. He knew that He was sending  someone your way who may have recently lost a loved one, currently experiencing a similar health issue that He healed you of, or who recently had their heartbroken. God already knew that He could use you to help them get through the trial. Now is your time to continue to magnify the Lord. Tell them how God helped you to conquer the trial. God is using you to show them that He is able to restore, heal, and make you whole again. When that person overcomes, you will realize that your trial was not about you but it was about God.