John 15:7 NLT ” But if you remain in me and my words remain in you, you may ask for anything you want, and it will be granted”

What did you pray for today? Is it in alignment with the purpose God has for you? Did you pray in expectation knowing that it will be granted? When we pray for things that are aligned with God’s will it could be granted immediately, within a few days, or even the same week.

One morning during my prayer and meditation time I prayed these words: “God there are people who don’t about Pray the Impossible. There are people who don’t know about Real Talk. But most importantly, there are people who don’t know you. God thank you for opening the right doors. Thank you for new opportunities. Thank you for aligning me with the right people to do business with for Pray the Impossible”. As I walked to the bus I checked Instagram and seen a message from my sorority sister. The message read: “Hey boo I know you were looking for opportunities to come this way. This is Cynthia from RHOA Pop Up Shop series may be good to look into for sales opportunities”. I responded: “OMGGGG THANK YOU BOO!! Wow OK let me see when I can come down”. I couldn’t believe that minutes prior to opening the IG message I was praying for new opportunities and God granted my prayer request within minutes.

Later that morning, I reposted my publisher’s Memorial Day sale promotion. The promotion was for people who have been wanting to publish/write their book. She thanked me for reposting and asked if I received her email. I totally forgot about the email she sent earlier that week in regards to a package deal to sell my book title and distribute my business cards and flyers at our Sorority’s National Convention in New Orleans. I thought to myself “Wow! This is the part of my prayer where I thanked God for the right people to do business with concerning Pray the Impossible”. Not only did God grant my requests, but He did it within hours of my prayer. I realized that what I prayed for was granted because it was in alignment with what God has called me to do through Pray the Impossible. The two upcoming events are opportunities where I’m going to be able to reach people out of the Tri-State area who are not aware of Real Talk A Conversation From My Heart To Yours.

When we spend time with God and in His word we can ask for anything and He will grant it. When your prayers align with your purpose, your calling, and to give God the glory, He will grant your requests instantly. What are you praying for? Does it abide with what God wants for you? If so, it will be granted.