Genesis 12:2 NIV “I will make you into a great nation, and I will bless you; I will make your name great, and you will be a blessing”

Have you ever been on social media and were attracted to a message that someone posted but you had no idea who they were? Or better yet, you started following them on social media because of the positivity they posted on their page? Or maybe you’ve experienced someone who you do not know follow you on social media because of the work God is doing through you?

One Thursday night, two of my friends were celebrating life changing events. I was extremely tired when I came home from work, but I heard a voice telling me to still go. When I arrived at the venue, I greeted my friends and then proceeded to have a seat while I waited for the food I ordered. About 30 minutes later while enjoying my food, a woman came up to our table and came directly to me. She said: “You don’t know me but I need to talk to you. Brian did your photoshoot right?”. I was confused because she was right I didn’t know her. My good friend who shot my 1 year anniversary pictures for Pray the Impossible recently posted my pictures on his Instagram page. I responded to her: “Yes he did (insert me smiling)”. She called me to come with her so that she could speak with me in private. She grabbed my hand and led me to the bathroom. When we entered the bathroom she said: “I’m a spiritual person and I know you are too. I saw your pictures and I went on your page. I’m not trying to get emotional”.

Something happened that I never expected as she proceeded to lay her hands on my head and my chest and spoke life into me. She told me how God is going to do great things in my life and how the Holy Spirit is in me. I never had an experience like that but I knew it was God because I felt the presence of the Holy Spirit in the bathroom. She further let me know that she knew I wrote my book in 9 months and even started quoting some of the things I posted on my page. In that same moment she shared things with me about her childhood, what she saw growing up, and how her grandmother’s prayers helped her through life. She enlightened me that even though she grew up in church, I motivated her. She sang praises about how happy she was that I am young doing what God called me to do and encouraged me to keep going. What felt like hours was probably a 15 minute experience ordained by God. Someone I don’t know told me so much about the work I’m doing from what she saw on my social media page. I thought to myself “what if I opted not to come tonight because I was tired? I would of never found out how God made my name great and a blessing to her”.

When God calls you to do a unique assignment He will make your name great to reach a specific person or group of people. God is so strategic that He will even social media to reach the masses to motivate and encourage others through the work He is doing through you. The reason God makes your name great is for you to be a blessing and to touch the lives of people you never met. Remember that God will always receive the glory when He makes your name great for His purposes.