1 Samuel 9:10 NLT “Alright, Saul agreed, let’s try it! So they started into the town where the man of God lived”

Do you believe in God, but never prayed to believe that He will come through for you? Have you seen people around you pray and witness God bless them? Sometimes you need to try it for yourself and see that God will answer your prayers too.

One day I received a text message from my friend that said, “Thinking of you! I “prayed the impossible” and it’s about to go down!!!”. I replied, “Hahahahah too funny!!! It’s true. I catch myself like ‘nahhh you really tryna pray the impossible?’ Are you ready??”. She replied, “I know. I’m ready!! Been ready it’s coming! A new job!”. I replied, “WHHAAATTT Whoop Whoop!” She said, “Don’t have it yet but things are looking good”. I encouraged her by saying, “CLAIM IT! It’s already yours!!! Watch”. She replied, “CLAIMED!”.

A few days later at her holiday party, this conversation resurfaced with our other friends. She began to share how she wanted an opportunity that was different from where she currently works. She said, “I believe in God. I just said God show me a sign. I went back to the couch and I had an email about an opportunity. I prayed the impossible and it worked”. I said, “See! Now just keep claiming it! It’s yours”.

Sometimes God will send people in your life to help stir up your faith. God will surround you with people whose faith will rub off on you for you to try God for yourself. God wants you to try Him and believe that He will answer your prayers because prayer works!