Did you know that God has hidden treasures for you even in the midst of your storm? God blessed my 7 1/2 year old niece (yes, she is 7 1/2 years old because that is the age she will tell you when you ask her LOL) with a hidden treasure that was more than I could ever imagine. My niece was spending the last 2 weeks of her summer vacation with my mother and I in New Jersey. My brother, who resides in Texas, promised her that he would take her fishing before she was set to fly back home to California. Due to my brother’s work schedule he would only be able to spend the last 2 days of her vacation with her. This would be a bonding moment that he wanted her to remember for a lifetime. The day my brother was scheduled to fly to New Jersey, the enemy tried everything in his power to stop this moment from happening, but God had a hidden treasure that he was going to reveal.

My brother’s flight was delayed 3 times, which was cutting into the time that he and my niece would spend together.  Every time I updated my niece that his flight was delayed again, I could see the disappointment on her face when she inquired about his new arrival time. I reassured her that he was not going to miss the opportunity to spend quality time with her even if it was for just 48 short hours. As time went on, it started to look like the fishing trip was not going to happen. My mother told my niece that she didn’t think that they were going  fishing because it was starting to get late, his flight still did not arrive, he did not book the tickets for the fishing trip, and now it started lightening and raining which added to the “storm” literally. My niece began to cry because this is a promise that my brother made to her and she was really looking forward to this experience with him.

Finally, at 2am he landed. When I picked him up from the airport he told me that he promised her that they were going fishing and I knew that he was determined to make it happen. He was able to book the trip, but they did not have any food or snacks to take with them on the boat. He was not going to let that stop them from this lifetime experience. My mom dropped my brother and my niece off to the fishing dock just a few hours after he landed. God worked everything out because there was a Dunkin Donuts that was opened for them to grab something to eat to hold them over until lunch. This fishing trip is where my niece would receive her hidden treasure. My niece’s first time fishing, not to mention she was the only child on the boat that was fishing, she caught 3 fish all by herself. But the greatest part is that out of her 3 fish, she caught the biggest fish on the entire boat!! God’s hidden treasure for my niece was literally hidden in the water. The “treasure” that she caught won her the fishing pool of $105.

Can you believe that a 7 1/2 year old little girl out fished her dad and all the men on the boat that day?? That’s how awesome God is! God was making himself known through the midst of it all. Rain, flight delays, and everything else could not stop the hidden treasure that God had for my niece. I hope this encourages you that no matter what the enemy has strategically plotted against your life, God has hidden treasures in secret places that he will reward you with.