Proverbs 8:9 NLT “My gifts are better than gold, even the purest gold, my wages better than sterling silver”

Life is too short and we take for granted that we will always have the opportunity to tell a friend or loved one how we feel about them. We don’t always take the time to express our feelings to share with them about how they have impacted our life. Every conversation is a chance to give someone flowers while they can smell them.

On the last Thursday in 2019, I noticed that on my Heart to Heart live show my twin (my friend who he and I have the same birthday) joined the live. I was excited to see him on and engaging in the conversation especially since this was his first time watching my show. About 30 mins after the show ended I noticed that I had a missed call from him. Immediately I returned his call and when he answered he said, “Aye twin, I just wanted to call and tell you over the phone how thankful and proud I am of you. You are definitely doing your thing. I just wanted to give you your flowers while you can smell them. I know we’re not family, but I consider you my sister in Christ. Whatever you need I’m here to support you”. I responded, “Don’t get me all emotional! But thank you that truly means a lot. We don’t have to be blood family, after all, we have the same birthday so sister and brother in Christ are fitting. I have male friends who I call bro and they call me sis, but you are the only one who has called me sister in Christ. That means a lot especially since we are both on our new spiritual journey”.

He then went on to say, “You are truly killing it. No matter which of my IG pages I go on I see you. It’s like you are everywhere. I just want to tell you that you are impacting people especially me. You may not know this, but unintentionally you are mentoring me to step my game up and be present on social media with my own company as well twin. Here are your flowers”. I replied, “Wow. Thank you. You expressed this and giving me my flowers is a gift that money can never buy. This was the greatest gift I received. We don’t have to speak every day but when we do, it’s always a great conversation! Thank you, twin”.

The term “Give people their flowers while they can still smell them” is about letting people in your life know how much they mean to you. Being able to support them, sharing how proud you are of them, and letting them know how they are touching your life is a way to give them flowers. We do not know the last time we may see or speak to our friends or loved ones, so don’t miss the opportunity to give them flowers while they can smell them.

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